Saturday, May 19, 2007

Drinking Alone, and Being Judged for it

Tonight was our last (for now) show of Drinking alone. I say for now, because we got judged tonight, and if we win tomorrow, then that means we get to do another show in the mainstage festival in Kamloops. Sounds great, eh? Being judged? But it wasn't too bad. The judge was real positive, and I had a good time. Although our show went through with a few hitches. The audio, for one, sucked :P There was a pretty bad buzzing coming from the speaker a few seconds before each sound effect was played, and sometimes music played, which just made it come off as unprofessional. As well as a couple cues were late, like doors opening and doorbells, which we accomodated for as best as we could. HOWEVER, I thought there were a lot of things that I did better in this show than many other shows, I learnt a lot from them. I was a little tense, admittedly, and I slipped up a few times, trying to go back and correct myself. I NEVER do that, so it was just strange. The audience roared with laughter, though, so that was a great one, and also I impressed myself with my ability to not crack on stage today. I stayed in character in a lot of places where I thought I would've corpsed, so I guess I've grown in that department.

Before the show today, we set up real quickly in the theatre, and then went to Boston Pizza with our free time. There, I ordered my meal using Hank Azaria's accent from The Birdcage, and continued with that accent later on throughout the day. I talked a lot with Chris, my director, in mexican accents throughout the day. After Boston Pizza, we went to the mall, where they left me at Toy's R' Us, and I almost bought more Star Wars Lego. My trip there was educational, as well. I learnt that Star Wars is acknowledging their 30th anniversary, which means... more action figures!

Chris, Marcela, and Dan came to see my show tonight, and I was really glad they did. Being my theatre family, I really needed them to come see my show. I was a little disappointed that it was this show they had to see, as, in a lot of ways, it wasn't our best show. However, I really was happy that they came to see it. It's always great to have people to support you, and I really value all my friends for that. Thanks to Chris, Dan, Marcela, Paul, Christina, Jessy Mike, Angela, Stephanie, Larry, Amy and of course Stephanie for coming to see my show this time around! :D you guys rule! :D To all you others, I love you all the same, and I'm really grateful that you guys are there for me, don't worry. I just have crossed you off my will.

Another thing, is that Aisha made perogie finger-puppets for everyone! They each have a little touch that's unique to the characteristic of the character in the play. It was real sweet of her. To elaborate on the perogie finger-puppet, I will now quote Aisha's character, Renee, from the play.

It's a perogie cookbook. Oh you should see what Lorraine can do with a perogie! She made a hand - puppet once. A little Perogie hand-puppet! Of course, you couldn't eat it after that, she had her finger stuck right in there.

It was a great run, and tomorrow we have our "adjuticator" judge us and give us pointers, after which we go to the gala later that night, and find out who wins! :D At this point I cannot say if I want to still do the play or not, I really don't know. There's upsides to each. I don't mind either, and I'll be happy either way.

Ryan seeing me, going "Hey Greg", then glancing back quickly, coming up real close, examining my face, and proclaiming, "Greg's got a beard."