Tuesday, May 15, 2007

LP, Awesometown and Cookies

This morning, Paul and I got up extra early (me extra earlier than Paul) and went to Best Buy to get the new Linkin Park CD. It was a beautiful sunny day, and I didn't mind waiting the 45 minutes until Paul got there late. We listened to the whole CD, from beginning to end. I am disappointed, I must say. I really was expecting the old Linkin Park. The crazy, upbeat rap/rock mix. It just "makes me want to punch something" - Christine Yablonka. I loved the hard rock, with the screaming that wasn't screamo. It was just enough to make you want to rock out. hard. This album is much more slow. It has a much more deeper meaning. Although I am disappointed, I must say one thing. I really respect them for doing this. I am impressed that, even though they might lose some of their fanbase, they went ahead and did what they felt like they really needed to do. They went against convention, and expanded their horizons. I'm proud of them, but I hope their next album returns to their roots.

After that, Paul and I went shopping. He started out by buying some jeans, and I planned on
getting nothing. I came away with shorts, swim trunks, and flip flops. I made quite a bit of purchases. I then went to pick up Steph from school. We had slurpees, went shopping for some spray paint she needed (random!) and went to my house where we watched some Dane Cook. She also showed me Awesometown, which is, in a word, awesome. Enjoy this :D.

...come along with us, come with us to... ahem.. yeah :D

I love having a girlfriend who bakes. Steph made me cookies. I ate them all :D.

I went to rehearsal, where I had one of the best rehearsals I can remember, and since we've got about 4 days until the final show, that's a good thing.

Driving with Steph, and having a Lamborghini Mucielago roadster pull up beside us.