Tuesday, May 22, 2007

450 bones = WHISTLER BIKING!

Today, Paul and I went Biking. In whistler. For the first time this season. It was his first time. I'm going to stop using sentence fragments. But it was so wicked!!! Paul has been talking about wanting to go to whistler, to try out biking with me. I bike, and, although I'm not that good, I love to do it. So I was gonna go up today just by my lonesome, and Paul pipes up that he wants to come too! So he borrowed Mark's Bike, and we left for Whistler. We had some slow-ups, but for that I have to backtrack a day:

Yesterday, I went and got myself new brakes. Since I've had my bike, I've had 6 inch hayes mechanicals, and they have ALWAYS faded, giving no stopping power, and requiring me to ride with two fingers on the lever. And that doesn't do anything to help your handling. I spent 450 bones to buy a set of hydraulic disc brakes. I got back from work at 11:00PM to start installing them, and got the front one on just fine. The rear one was in so tight, i started stripping all the bolts. I decided to leave it until we got to whistler, and fix it in a shop there. Kinda frustrated, I went to bed. This morning, I told my dad, and brought my bike up to adjust the front brake, and my dad looks at the bike, says, "hold on" and comes back with some tools. He manages to get all them off easily by spraying with WD40, and banging the wrench in to basically make a new head for the bolt. Amazing. Seriously, sometimes I think my dad is not human. His fix-age skills are astounding! He's such a handiman, I wish I had that trait of his!

Anyways, back to the story. We get underway and are driving around, and Paul gets pulled over by a very angry-looking policeman-officer (ha HAH... hot fuzz), but he turns out to be a real nice guy and only charges Paul $135. I pee at the side of the road, and we arrive at the village. We get up and going and hit up 7 runs. Paul did amazing for his first run. EVER! he even hit a drop! We both just had fun on A-line, and I ate it 3 times today. When it came to the technical stuff, Paul slowed down, which was understandable. But he did Great! I won't be surprised if he surpasses me pretty soon, if he keeps up with it. I've now got a huge blister on my hand, and am preparing to go to bed because Paul, Jay and I are hiking the Chief tomorrow.

Having Mark shoot a rubber band at me and completely miss during our great film meeting as Jay was talking.