Sunday, March 29, 2009

Words can only try...

...And describe the journey I've had so far. Marylin has been amazing to us, and we have been amazing to OZ. Just a few pictures:
Our Signature:
Narzy Opis w samochodzie:

McDonalds has 30cent Ice cream!:
Macdonalds ma lody za 30 centuw!:
Lots of Kangaroos at Crowdy Bay:
Kangoory w crowdy bay:
The view from the Crowdy Bay hike:
Widok od wyczeczki przy Crowdy Bay:
Topping up Marylin's oil:
Napelniam olei w samochodzie (Nazywa sie Marylin):
Dan getting ready to shred that barrel:
Dan preparuje sie na surfing:
Beautiful Sunset at South West Rocks:
Piekny zachud sloncia w south west rocks:
Blazing the trail:
Oto Trasa:
Searching for the wave:
Dan i ja Szukamy fale:
What we woke up to:
Co rano budzimy sie do cos takiego:
(I know, it was some random guy!)
And how we eat:
(dziwne, nie? Tam byl chlopak jakis!)
I tak jemy:
While we eat:
Oto my jak jemy:
What we eat (don't ask):
I oto co jemy (lepiej nie pytac):
Dangera Falls:
A rainforest road in Dorrigo national park:
Trasa przes jungle:
Dan is a licensed Chef:
Dan jest cucharz:
I am not:
Ja nie jestem:

Sam with the Norwegians Maddie And Kaddie!:
Sam razem z maddie i kaddie:

Our own private White Beach:
Narsza plarza privatna White Beach:
White Beach:

Monday, March 16, 2009


Let me tell you all about Marilyn. She is perfect. Anything we need from her, we get. She has everything we need. In a car. Dan and I just bought a 1985 Mazda e1800 van to tour around Australia in. We figured, instead of paying for accomodations all the time, dealing with cleaning ladies, snoring women, and transportation costs, we'll buy a van, a one time purchase, and have only gas to pay for. And let me tell you all, we scored big time! This van is the perfect travel van. We paid $2500 for her, and she's got a recently rebuilt engine, all the belts are fine and the tires are like new. The manual tranny is fine except for being a little loose, and there's enough room inside her for everything we need. So starting tonight, we sleep in the van. We bought all our gear like a stove, water container, but the great thing about Marilyn is, she comes with almost everything we need! A cooler, a wicked fishing rod, pots and pans, knives, forks, and more! Even a bodyboard. So from now on, our posts might not be as continuous, but I'll defenitely try to keep updates on what Dan and I do. Time to hit the road!

Po Polsku:

Kupilem samochod! Razem z kolegiem Dan, kogo poznalem tutaj w australii, kupilismy wana kturego mozna zobacyc na tych zdieciach! Nie boj sie, tato, robilismy zdiencia przy czerwonym swietle. Teraz zachyna sie prawdziwa podroz!

Dan, Eric, Rob, Derek, and me
Dan Driving (Bob Marley is playing in the background)
Right after we bought her:
Not - so - cramped:

Friday, March 13, 2009

Adventures in Byron

I'm still in Byron bay, 'cause I love it. There's something about this town, i dont' know. I love the surf, the people are awesome, and i feel fairly at home here. I've been cooking with Dan (a person, not a spice) a lot, and he's a chef, so he puts me in my place a lot. I'll cook a meal one day, and he'll cook one the next day, and the norwegian girls Maddie and Caddie will cook one day. It's a great deal. Met some guys that I hung out with in surfer's (what's up, Simon and Garfunkel!) and we had a blast. I've been surfing, reading, playing a lot of pool so I'm as good as you when I get back, Brian! It's on! 

And I went to Nimbin. 

Nimbin was an experience. We went on this tour to see this town, and it was fine and all, but then the real joy started. Like the drive through the most beautiful rainforest I've ever seen. And a visit to this hippie's house. He let us know what he thought about the government. I've always wanted to know what hippies think about the government. Not much. 

A great trip. I've been spending nights on the beach with friends, we went cliff jumping a while back at this place called the quarry. I don't know if i mentioned it in my last post, but it was around that time. I'm posting pictures from that below. 

If you look real hard, you can see me jumping off the cliff:
Dan and I: 
What Up, DOG!?
The Quarry:
The biggest thing around here now is: I ate a kebab. It was fantastic. I'm also thinking of getting a car with my friend DAN THE MAN and travelling together, living out of the car and surfing around australia. 

Me and Sam reppin the petrin face:
Me and Simon:
The norwegians cooked dinner for us!
I'll never let go, Jack:
Sam, Kaelyn and I:

In the canyon near nimbin:
It was gorgeous:
Looking down:
And that's all, folks!

Po Polsku Teraz!

Jestesmy jezce w Byron bay. Jest super tutaj I uwielbiam. Te zdeica sa o mojich kolegach i kolezanek z kturymi razem robimy objady. Moi dobry kolega Dan ktorego spotkalem tutaj to jest kuchaz, to mi uczy duzo. Duza frajde mam z danem I mislimy o kupna samochodu zeby zyc w nim i podruzowac do okola Australi. Uwielbiam w Australi! Pozdrawiam wrzystkich! 

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Byron Bay, Baby!

Well, I think I've found my home away from home away from home. Byron Bay is the pandas' pancreas. It might be the fact that it's such a small town, or the laid back atmosphere, or the people who busk in the streets at about any time of day or night. Or maybe it's the beautiful beaches and gorgeous water. But it's probably the fact that I feel so comfortable here. Low down to earth, very natural and subdued. The internet cafe is playing Cat Empire (score!) instead of hard techno, which is refreshing. The other day, while writing a letter, a lady sat down at my (not really mine) picnic table and we started talking about writing, and in no time at all I discovered that she's writing a book herself, and I ended up inspiring her to go home and write! The other night I was out with my friend Dan from Israel (way cool guy) and we ended up sitting on a bench with this aboriginal guy. I just love Byron.

So, I went surfing.
Yes, and It was a blast. I went with a surf school called black dog surfing *cough* plug! *cough* which was a good choice, for sure. My instructor Dan was like, Austrian/Australian or something funky, but way cool. I didn't do too bad, actually! Take that, Judy! I liked it! I caught quite a few waves, stood up okay, and had a blast (see pictures). The only thing is they put you on these MASSIVE boards, like, 9 footers, and so it's uber different when you upgrade to a normal board. It's a challenge now that I'm borrowing my buddy Sam's board, but I got up a couple times today too. And tomorrow morning, Dan and I are going out early, like 730 to hit Tallows beach and then go to the quarry to do some cliff jumping by the waterfall. Super awesome! I'm going to stay here for a while, even though the hostel is mega expensive ($36 a night... it's the recession, i'm sure. not the fact that it's a popular tourist destination). So, I'm off now to cook up some super soft tacos. See y'all!

And now, for all the Polaks:
Po Polsku!
Znajduie sie w Byron bay! To jest super miasto w ktorym mozna chodzic caly dzien i rozmawiac z localow. To male miasto, i wrzyscy znaomi sa. Ludzie chodza i graja instrumentami wrzendzie i po kazdych godzinach. Ja z kolegiem pochodzilismy po miescie po nocy, i poznalizmy prawdziwego aboriginala! Plaze tu sa piekne, piasek super i woda przezroczysta! Ja uwielbiam tutaj! Chyba tutaj zostane, nawet ze jest bardzo drogo ($36 na noc!) ale jest pienkny hostel i mam tutaj duzo kolegow i kolezanek. I surfuje! Porzedlem na naluke i szedlo mi wspaniale! Jutro ide z kolegiem rano zeby zlapac dobre fale!