Saturday, September 29, 2007

Feels like Christmas

It literally felt like Christmas today. I loved it! In the morning, I cleaned up my room a bit (no easy feat!) because we had company coming over. My Mom was in the kitchen all day today, cooking up beef and MOOSE! Judy and I helped around the kitchen, and set up the table. It smelt SO good all day in the house. I My mom had all this moose meat, and these bones. Apparently she got my sister to get bones from the car. The bones were in a bag, which was in a box. Well, the box fell apart while Judy was carrying it, and all the bones fell out the bottom! Judy screamed her butt off! (apparently. I wasn't there to witness this all. Shame, really.) I went for a trip to IGA, to get bread, and had a chat with Christina. I took a side trip later on to visit Adrienn at work, because I was really interested to see what Beadworks is like! I get there, and everyone working in the store knows me! Deanne is my friend Allison's sister, and Shianne used to be in Lindgberg with me! Crazy! It's a really cool store, actually. I had a blast talking with Adrienn, and she didn't get any work done. Company started showing up at around 6 ish.

First, our family friends showed up, and a few minutes later, Adrienn showed up, right on time! We had a delicious dinner! It all tasted so good! The Moose was delicious, although we all talked so much that by the time we were winding down our meals, our food was already cold! After dinner we had a few great conversations with my family, and snuck off to Roger's video to go rent Napoleon Dynamite. We got snacks and stopped by Plateau Pizza, where we ended up eating wings! The guys talked us into it, what can I say! We busted our heads trying to figure out the puzzles in the 24 newspaper (which were really stupid), and headed back to my place. We had some AMAZING Cheesecake, and watched the movie, which was actually pretty funny. Turns out Adrienn and I are the perfect people to watch that movie. We stayed up real late after that, just talking and laughing. At 6:30, Adrienn left, and I was left with a smile on my face after such an amazing day.
Dancing some wicked Jumpstyles with Adrienn in my underground parking garage. She's really good!

Friday, September 28, 2007

Jim the So - called Genius

At a very early 9:00, I was up and at the Treehouse. Paul, Chris, Brian and I were up filming a little video for the BC Hydro Film contest. We did many things, from saw off a prong of a power adapter, to go to Future shop to return Chris' Xbox live membership and complain about Paul's Raincheck, to have Quizno's to drive Nagle's truck around with a bike in the back. The video is called Jim the so-called Genius, and you can see it here.

I sped off to work, apalled by Mark's disgusting spandex. Being a Friday, it was very busy. However, I had a very welcome break when Adrienn visited me at work! Around 10:00 she shows up and joins me on a few more deliveries. There were some really funny drunk people, who wanted to tip me with beer! Of all the times I wish I was walking...

Adrienn and I just hung out, sitting looking at the view for the longest time and just talking. I had such a great time, and didn't really want to go to Ian's house for his shindig. But I went anyways.

Adrienn and I are sitting on the electric box, talking, and we notice a car pull up behind us. We didn't really acknowledge it, and just knew it was there. It stuck around for a while, and eventually I turn around to look at it, after about a couple minutes. It's Darek. My boss. Just being creepy.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Wow, Facebook.

I'm done with facebook. For real. I've had it. Sure, it's cool in that it lets you stay in touch with as many people as you want, and it's really cool in that you get anally raped by anyone who wants to take the time and look up your shit. Oh wait, I forgot. That part isn't cool. Paul has been off facebook for quite a while, and he's been advocating for a long time to get other people off. I've always wanted to, I've just been to lazy. Well I just deactivated my account, after serious beating around the bush with it, and I got this screen.
Looks like they're really desperate to keep you hooked. If you clicked any one of those, you get another "suggestion" on why you should keep facebook. Facebook started off as cool in the beginning, when there were more mature people using it to ACTUALLY connect with others. Even this guy had an account. Now it's just another stupid social (note the irony, that you're not REALLY being social if you stay at home) site like Nexopia. I dunno, it's cool for some people, sure. I'm not saying everyone is going to think like I am, I'm just saying that I have no purpose for it. If people want to contact me, then let 'em call... or email.


Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Halo 3, DiRT, and a walk

Halo 3 came out. Yes, yes it did. If you've been living under a rock surrounded by walls of inpenetrable force fields on an island encircled with thousands of rampant sharks and vicious birds of prey circling around your abode - which doesn't have any sort of electronic device on it - you STILL would know that Halo 3 is out. So after work yesterday, I went over to Chris Nagle's and we played Halo 3. And boy, did we play.

Mark, Ryan, Chris, Darcy, Nagle, Ian, Brian and I played slayer for a good few hours until we hit a burger run, where we bought 21 burgers and 7 medium fries (now I'm hungry), which came to like $55. They had Baby burgers from A&W, but i still would've opted for fewer good burgers. We started the campaign, with 4-person co-op. The game is awesome. Keeps every bit of goodness from the old games, and improves on it with some uber sweet weapons, like the gravity hammer, and the very-difficult-to-use-but-greg-still-pwns-you-with-it laser. I'm personally not very good at Halo. However I still have a blast.

Something I am good at, is DiRT. It's awesome because your Personal Best time gets updated in comparison to the rest of the worlds' times right away, so you can see how you stack up against the rest of the world. Chris' time, which he tried for 5 hours to get, I managed to beat. I stand 45th in the world. Chris used to stand 145th. Here's a little video. It's bad quality, but DiRT doesn't have a "save replay video" option.

Chris' time: 3:00.37
My time: 2:57.24

After the H-core halo night, which I left at 7:40, I drove Judy to school, after which I slept. For an hour. And then got my wisdom tooth pulled out. 86 fun. I got home, and hung out for a bit until I went for a walk with Adrienn. I've just recently been talking with her a lot, and so we decided it was a good chance to hang out, since she got off school early. She's uber busy with school all the time, so it's rare that we have a chance like this. Even though I had a crazy speech impediment, we had an awesome time, with lots of laughs for a couple hours, until I went to work. It was crazy busy for a Tuesday, but we survived.

UMOTD: Adrienn and I went for a walk around the lake, and I could swear that the ducks were working for the CIA or something. I had to look over my shoulder a lot, just to make sure we were safe.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Plateau Pizza

The fans are whirring already, but only quietly. The oven isn't on yet. I put down the chairs off the tables so people can sit in them to eat, as they most likely will today. The radio plays classic rock, but it's background noise now. Darek pokes his head around the corner. "Oh, Dum-dum is here!" I put on my apron, punch my timecode in, and so my day begins. I'll cut tomatoes, I'll chop mushrooms, I'll peel onions, and I'll slice ham. Once that is done, people start ordering. I'll make jokes with Darek about funny customers, stupid customers, and good customers. Drew will pull some crazy idea out of his head. Alex will panic and twist my nipples. Chris will fire me. Nicolai will do some insane-o hand/facial movements. Kyle will Jumpstyle. Kat will stand around and talk to us. Jurek will tell me some story from his week, and describe some new girl he met. Tamara will talk on her cell phone. Eva will lecture me. Pepiczek will make boxes. Darek will cry that I'm going to make him have a heart attack. This is my job. I drive around delivering pizzas, alone in my car, and making lots of money in tips. I'll meet some cool people, I'll talk with my regulars, pet their dogs, and be on my way. But in the end, I always look forward to being in the store. I can't wait to tell the guys about some crazy person who tried to molest me, or something else from the great beyond of westwood plateau. I can't wait for the guys to be making faces at me again, and to have us all laughing at our jokes. Losing the game, inventing funky pizzas, eating ingredients. It all comes down to the family I have in the restaurant. When the rush dies down, Darek and I will often be the only ones closing. We'll talk about his upgrades he wants to make with the place, about my future as an actor, and about how we're all doing. He'll probably complain during the day, but at the end of it, we always leave happy and content. It's after that rush, after the madness, when we slowly close down and have time to breathe, that it's okay to go home. I feel so fortunate to have such a great job. A second family that has to come in, has to make pizza, but that loves to be a part of it. I think, under the surface, we're all happy to be a part of something that's so close to a family.


After work, I went out for Gelato with Kat, and they finally had white chocolate raspberry! I was so happy! We delivered some pizzas. Together. After I clocked out already.

I headed over to Kyles' place shortly after for an H-core LANfest! It was good times. Nicolai, Chris, Kyle and I hit up WOW for a bit... which I got addicted to... (crap) ... and Then we played some DiRT. Chris and I can play that game for hours, just racing the same track over and over again until we beat the fastest time, or just beat the other. At 6:00 AM, Chris and I were the only ones concious, and the sun was coming up.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Playstation 3, Part 1

Oh it's an awesome thing. I feel awesome, being inagurated into the ranks of the next-gen. I've always been behind on things like this, and now I've had a chance to be "I want this, but I have to wait for a while for this and this" Now, I have the means to an end. I have purchased my PS3. I love it. I have been debating for a while on what I should get, an XBOX 360 or a PS3 or even a brand new laptop. In the end it came down to the Sony Iteration of next-gen.
It's got all I want right now. There's the AMAZING graphics and uber processor power, which allow you to kick ass in the video game sector. Although the system doesn't really have many great games out there in comparison to the XBOX, I've spotted many great ones coming out, along with DiRT, which I just got. An UNREAL game. The graphics and the physics blow me away!
Aside from gaming, the PS3 has a built-in Wi-Fi, so I bought a wireless router. You can basically browse anywhere on the web, and it allows me to have an internet conncection in my room.

The Playstation 3, Part 2

*Due to my PS3's awesomeness, blogging and any text imput is restricted to a certain number of characters. This post continues my previous post.*

So, The PS3.. right. Aside from gaming and Internet, I was going to say, the PS3 is also is amazing in it's capability to play music, review pictures, watch films (yes, I called them films) and store all this on your hard drive! I'm a sucker for gadgets and other geeky things, so when I saw the way the PS3 does slide shows... I was blown away. The pictures appear as if they were on some table and you and your friends were just looking at them casually! It's a very slick touch. The media player is a bit tough to work with, as your music can't be played while you change settings, and, as of yet, I havent' found a quick way to get back to the media player to switch songs or stop them. I have to select a new song and stop THAT one, because that's only when the media player "dashboard" shows up. Late for the party.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

PS3 much?

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Paul came by today, to deliver a message to me. The message goes something like this.

The science world in Edmonton is flying us out there to talk about our Lego millennium falcon stop motion which they will have on loop as an exhibit!

They're paying for one ticket and our accomodations for somewhere around a week. Paul and I are going to split my ticket, and that's all we'll have to pay for our road trip we were supposed to have in September, only it'll be in November. I can't believe Paul and I are getting so much publicity for this! I'm so stoked! AND we're going to go see Christine and Nate, too! We've already made up an intro for the film to inform people more about it, because it'll be on loop! It's here on Paul's blog.


Well these past days have been AWESOME.

Recap, regroup!

On Friday, Paul and I did some AWESOME Location scouting. We went to Mission (Ilostthegameandthoughtofchristine) then Cultus Lake, THEN Harrison Hot springs. You can check out the awesome video blog Paul made of it.

Saturday: Filmed at Harrison in the morning after an early start, went swimming in Hatzik Lake, with Paul, Spencer, Janet, Jason Pelley, Jason Romein, Katie, Mike Wadell, Kris Schmit, Craig, and Angela, who almost froze to death. Later on, went out for lunch, and due to some forgetfullness on someone's part, we ended up just partying at Kris's house. Oh darn.

Sunday- Chilling with the guys and Playing some Star Wars, Visiting Adrian later to get some games from him.

Monday - Changed my oil... and... GOT MY PS3!!
It's so awesome! I traded in ALL my PS2 Stuff (including 17 games), which amounted to $140. I bought DiRT and Resistance: Fall of Man, in addition to another controller and a Wireless router so I could play online.