Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Intense Gruelling Script - time

Film meeting time! What did I do today? Let's recap!

  • I went to the film meeting.
Well, that was fun!

I showed up at the Treehouse after I ate dinner with my mother and sister. My dad's Up until then I had just been lounging about. I was all over the place. Gaming, reading, going out to the park to chill, and eating. The meeting went great! It was all real professional, and I really felt like it was the start of something big! I can't wait till we're in full swing and we start actually filming! We read through the script, and it was awesome to finally get to work with this guy named Mike, who I've wanted to work with for a while. Then, we went and ate burgers at Dewys and I slept.

As an afterthought... I've noticed that PAUL is posting more pictures than I am... SO as a personal pact to both of us... I am now going to make sure I have more pictures posted than he does. I always take tons of pics, but never post all of them. Well, Paul.. we'll see how you handle all these pictures!!! MUAHAH!

Mike, Kris and I discussing the de-evolution of communication.
"Dude, the carrier pigeon got shot down!"
"That's just called hacking"