Sunday, December 13, 2009

Going home!

Well, The time has come to go home. I'm happily done with Australia. I have lived in a van and toured the east coast with my friend Dan. I've done the Great Ocean Road, which WAS the Greatest ocean road I've ever done. I've worked at a potato factory and surfed in what felt like the arctic ocean. I've spent a month and a half in the desert, and been there when 4 different cars broke down. I've gotten pulled over and watched terrible Australian commercials. I've been poor and been up hours looking at the stars. I've skated wicked hills and surfed wicked surf in Prevelly. I've snorkelled at Ningaloo reef, and had search and rescue called on me. I lived on a beach for a month and a half, and eaten lots of sand. I've busked the streets of Melbourne and gotten a thousand dollars worth of parking tickets. I've bought 3 kilos of nutella in one month and been sunburnt only twice. I've had sand in many meals and flies in many corners of my ... existence. I've learnt Hebrew, French German and Finnish. To an extent. I've missed my family and made new friends. I've rocked and been to a couple house parties, and opened my eyes to the magic of saltwater. And I've had a pretty phenomenal time.