Saturday, March 31, 2007

Another Great sunny day

Well today went great. I woke up around, oh, i dunno, 11:00. I love not being in school. I got up, lazed about and ate breakfast. I decided to wash my car today. It's been a while since Sheila has had a good bath and so I've decided to make it a twice-a-month thing. I really enjoy washing my car, I just never get around to it. I used my experience at Coquitlam Chrysler and gave Sheila a full detail. I vacuumed her and everything. Usually I love washing my car, but today was special. I felt like I was WASHING THE IMPURITIES FROM MY VERY SOUL... ahem... so... don't know where that came from. Today was just special, it felt real good. And after, when she was clean inside and outside, I felt like I had treated her well. I was proud of myself.

So after that was done, I got called into work an hour early, which is fine. I love working there. And today I felt really like a part of the family. Maybe it's too soon to say so, but I really feel included. It's great fun working there. I had a blast delivering, Darek (my Boss) fed us, and I made an absolute KILLING in tips.

I've been listening to someone new lately. Fuel. It's a band that, surprisingly, only has three albums. Yet they kick so much ass! So currently I'm listening to "Sunburn", but my favourite one has to be "Jesus or a Gun" so far.

Well, time to watch some Top gear, finish off these cookies and pack it in!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

A sunny day and practice for a play

Alright, so today went great. I DID get to go biking! It was real nice outside so i took full advantage of that and got out on my bike. I only did some urban riding like i said i would. The skinny was way too tough, i'm going to keep trying it. I must've tried it a thousand times, and i started to get tired so i just headed home. I was real discouraged at that point, because i've never been a real courageous one on my bike. I just ride for fun, and have a blast at it. So I was riding down the hill, kinda bummed, and I came upon this drop. It wasn't the 9 footer i was thinking of, but I was TOTALLY scared to do it. so I vowed to myself that I wouldn't go home until i did it. I kept riding up to the edge and just stopping. I started to get kinda peeved at myself because I was being such a wuss. However, there was a lady biking that kept telling me not to do it, to wait for another day, so that's when i knew i had to do it. I was up there for what seemed like hours, and eventually I nailed it. It felt sooo good, and by that point i had psyched myself out so bad that i don't think i could've handled more adrenaline. I was really scared to tell you the truth. It was a 6 footer to flat, concrete, but it was slanted down quite a ways, so that's what scared me, 'cause I've never done a roll-off like that before. I had some good speed, too, which I never have when doing drops, so it felt great. I had to do it again, and nailed it then, too. I completely collapsed on the ground there. I was real happy. I was on such a high that I hit another one right away, a different one, which was almost 7 feet, so i was doing great. I had a blast. I sometimes forget what a blast I have on my bike. Everything is right when i'm riding, even if it's just on the street for a couplel minuites. I love my bike. Hopefully my director doesn't read this, 'cause he'll get mad that i'm biking!

That's what I did later that day. I went to play practice where we had an italian run. It's just a quick run of the show. I did good but was starting to feel kinda sick at the end. But we had some laughs and I felt much better. Now I'm really going to hit the hay early. I'm probably going to bike tomorrow:D.

Posting again!

Alright, everyone!

I'm back to Blogger. Now it's just going to be for kicks. No funny business at all. None. Zip. Zipper. Zigatoni. That would be a cool name for a pasta! Zigatoni... I think some italian should make that. Make it look like little letter Z's.

ANYWAYS back to blogger. I'm on, i'm going to try to kick it into high gear like Paul.
See! I even made a link! I'm so much better than Paul. ... at Blogging. and eating apples.

I can eat a whole apple, and Paul cannot. that's one of the things i learnt over the past 38 HOURS as Paul and I worked on the Lego Millenium Falcon stop-motion movie.
THE most EPIC Lego stop motion movie. Go get it from Paul here, 'cause I'm too lazy to do THAT much linking. Gorrila.

We had a blast, and I need pictures, Paul. We filmed a little, and even did a little side - project, where we assembled the falcon at light speed.

So tomorrow i'm totally stoked because I'm planning to go Biking!! :D woo!! I can't wait. It's going to be sunny out tomorrow, so i'm so there! I used up the sun to be cool and do a Lego stop-motion. so silence, mortals! But yeah, i'm going to practice some skinnies and maybe do a huge drop i'm looking at. huge for me, because it's like only 9 feet, but that's huge for me. so wish me luck! and onwards to tomorrow!:D