Saturday, March 31, 2007

Another Great sunny day

Well today went great. I woke up around, oh, i dunno, 11:00. I love not being in school. I got up, lazed about and ate breakfast. I decided to wash my car today. It's been a while since Sheila has had a good bath and so I've decided to make it a twice-a-month thing. I really enjoy washing my car, I just never get around to it. I used my experience at Coquitlam Chrysler and gave Sheila a full detail. I vacuumed her and everything. Usually I love washing my car, but today was special. I felt like I was WASHING THE IMPURITIES FROM MY VERY SOUL... ahem... so... don't know where that came from. Today was just special, it felt real good. And after, when she was clean inside and outside, I felt like I had treated her well. I was proud of myself.

So after that was done, I got called into work an hour early, which is fine. I love working there. And today I felt really like a part of the family. Maybe it's too soon to say so, but I really feel included. It's great fun working there. I had a blast delivering, Darek (my Boss) fed us, and I made an absolute KILLING in tips.

I've been listening to someone new lately. Fuel. It's a band that, surprisingly, only has three albums. Yet they kick so much ass! So currently I'm listening to "Sunburn", but my favourite one has to be "Jesus or a Gun" so far.

Well, time to watch some Top gear, finish off these cookies and pack it in!