Friday, June 29, 2007

Blogging via DS!

Okay, so I HAD a post going, but I lost connection. ...actually, the reason is more embarassing than that. So I bought an internet browser for my DS, because I thought it'd be really wicked if I could browse teh internets from practically anywhere, using only my small DS when I'm in Poland! It'd be so cool to be able to still have connection with all my friends and the non-Polish world. All I have to do is steal wireless internet when I'm there. So I took a little trip in Sheila to try it out. I was venturing everywhere to see how this wireless works, and thought it'd be real cool to make a post from somewhere OTHER than a computer. I consulted Paul's map for hints, and in the end, only Blenz worked. I had a post going, all excited and stuff... the only thing that was wrong, was that it didn't have a "publish post" button. yeeeah.... I figured that out later, after I'd strained myself to write out everything by tapping the stylus on the touchscreen. I'mmmmm dumb. I shall investigate with Paul's help sometime soon on using my internet better good.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

My Shoes Believe In Me.

Live Free or Die Hard

This movie? It pwnz. Like, Really, really pwnz.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Frickin long day

Whoa. What a day. It all started on a beach in Bermuda... or so I thought, until I was awakened by Christine. I don't exactly remember what we talked about, because it was 8 o'clock in the morning, and I was very sleepy. I just remember she played a lot of Burnout Revenge, like we usually do. We didn't have a plan for today, just to hang out. I showered, ate breakfast, and she proposes an amazing idea. That we go play some squash together! Christine's been raving about this sport since she discovered it in Prince George, and I've wanted to try it out ever since Brian and I watched a professional match on TV while we were in Whistler. "Hey Christine, SFU charges like 7 bucks for parking." -I bring this to our attention after we've driven all the way up the mountain in hopes of saving some money by using SFU's cheaper squash courts. We ended up going to Hyde creek, and it was still good. So I was officially the first one that Christine introduced the game to here in the lower mainland, and I must say... It rocks. I can't say that enough. This sport rules. It's fast-paced, adrenaline-pumping, and it gives you a challenge.. and a chance to slide around impressively, even if you don't always get the ball... *cough. I thought that I would be as good at this as I am at all sports, which is not very good at all. I suck at any sport that I play, I'm just inept. However, squash wasn't that bad. Sure, I wasn't up to Christine's quality, but that's just not fair. We played for a full 2 and a half hours, and after we got out, I don't think I could've lifted the racket again.
We then drove (rather sluggishly) to get gelato, and we settled for the first time on a different gelato place. 'Cause Esquires (alright, who said that?) was closed. That's where her and I always go, and where most of my paycheck goes, too. We were going to go to the beach, but settled on just the ice cream.
I was extremely sweaty, so it was a good idea, i doubt you'll disagree, that I take a shower. "Take a shower? Take it where? Just leave it where it is!" After which, we played some Burnout together and I took her to school. Badly. I like how she excells in something requiring physical activity, and I'm good at pushing buttons. We went to Craig's so Christine could get her wallet, where we met Boba Fett and Craig's Hummer grill. ...Yeah, I thought that too.

Film meeting! Full house today! Chris, Craig, Paul, Jason Pelley, new guy Ryan, Krista, Marcela, Angela, Mark, Paul, Ray and I all piled into the rec room of the Treehouse. We read a script, and then split off into two groups, and filmed little workshops, so we'd all be busy doing stuff. Mark was the camera man/director for our group, which was Marcela and I. She was chasing me through the woods because I, dating her little sister, had some enemies who were going to take her sister away, so she was chasing me down to beat me up. Marcela, Mark and I ended up throwing in a surprise ending that noone was expecting. To debrief, we went to Dewy's pub, where I had one of their great toonie burgers, and we just talked and chilled after the filming.

To end off the day, Jay, Brian, Paul and I talked Star Wars and played with my saber, after which, Paul and I were in the mood to watch Revenge of the Sith, and after which we watched the special features. We couldn't comprehend how much went in to the making of this movie, and they were showing the different departments and what they did, and we were just blown away at how much stuff there was! In then end, it was 5:15 when we eventually packed it in. Now, I am so tired, and so done. A great day.
I got attacked by Kids today. Kids with water guns. At first, they didn't really spray me. They slowly started as I walked to my door with Christine. I thought that if I ignored the cold water, that they'd stop. Not the case. Not the case at all.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

A Lazy Sunday

Well today was cool. I mean, I didn't do much. I went to church, where the priest rocks. He's Polish! And his accent always keeps me on my toes, keeps the mass fresh while at the same time letting me chuckle at his Polishness. I get back home, edited the Mr. Ben's Donair ad until my folks came home, and then we were going to do something, but they all just fell asleep! I played Star wars Trivial Pursuit with my sister and her friend for a little bit, 'cause they were bored, and I I knew all the answers except one. I can't wait to ACTUALLY play that game with my friends. After my sis' friend went home, we all went for a little walk. It's become somewhat of a novelty, having me home, because I'm never around. I'm working by the time they get back from work, and I get home when they're sleeping. They leave for work while I'm still in bed, so we never see eachother anymore. That's alright, because I'm sure we'll see enough of eachother in Poland.

At work, the wait for Amber court still continues. I realised that I haven't told this story on my blog yet. Well, here goes. I don't know when the first time was, but a couple months ago I went to this delivery on a street on the Plateau. The door, unexpectedly, is answered by this stunning, absolutely beautiful girl. I think inside my head, "Okay, you totally gotta say something smooth, make her laugh." Well, I totally froze up. I made her chuckle a little, but in the end, settled on the fact that she's way out of my league. I get back, and tell all the guys, "Whoa! Okay, I got dibs on any delivery going to Amber court!" And so they were cool with that. One day, I'm at home, and get a call from Darek. He's telling me that Amber court called, and that she wants me to deliver! Apparently, she thinks I'm something special, and wants me to deliver to her again! It kept happening, and I kept missing her. Well a few times, I did see her, and we talked a bit, but nothing serious. I'm finding out from Kat, who works with me and is her friend, that she still has the hots for me, and thinks Sheila is cute! So, the guys have a LOT of material to use on me if they ever get bored of making fun of "Dum-Dum".

Oh, and P.S. I still giggle every time I ignite my saber. *giggles.


The plateau was completely dark today! Yet the sky was totally bright! I was SO hoping that a giant spaceship was blocking out the sun, and we were getting attacked by aliens! That would've been so cool! ...and I had a dream that Darth Vader was taking over the country.

Mr. Ben's Donair

Here's a short little ad that Paul and I made. It's a little tale about the best donairs in the world. Period.

Friday, June 22, 2007

I'm a Jedi

Check it out, Beeches. I got my first lightsaber today!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Mr.Ben, His Donairs, and Ferraris

So I woke up today... at 4:30 in the bloody morning! I wanted to try out the time lapse function on my camera to film the sun rise, and make it all fancy-lookin.. but work it did not. I slept until my optometrist appointment at 11:00, to find out that my eyes got better over the past year! I took a ride in the mall car with Wesley and he didn't succeed in running me over.

I went to the park, to my usual spot, where I read an AWESOME book... Star wars: Heir to the empire, by Timothy Zhan. SO good. I got really into it, then found out that the grass would make a nice pillow. I don't even know how long i slept! I got up, and Christine shows up, and
we proceed to go eat some Donairs with Paul! But not before Paul informs me that our Millenium Falcon stop-motion video is now on the official star wars blog!! Apparently someone from Lucasfilm watched it! They loved it! As of now, we've got 10,703 views! We've climbed massiveley in the past 3 days. I think it was like this:

Monday: 500 views.

Tuesday: 900 views, on digg site.
Wednesday: 10,703 views, on the official star wars blog.

I'm just really glad that one of our videos is doing so well! Can't wait to see how far it goes.

ANYways, back to the story. We arrive at Mr. Ben's Donair, and We each have a loaded Donair full of goodness. Driving back, Christine slept a little, and we ended up at Improv, and I just lost the game. I dropped Christine off at Improv, to save us seats, and Paul and I went to get his car, and to maybe pick up a check at Plateau Pizza... which Darek hadn't written yet. However... our trip really was made worth it. The day got SO much better, when Paul and I saw a Ferrari F430 Spider, and chased it for a bit! SO sexy, that car is. Improv was hillarious, as it always is, and the three men that WERE there, did an awesome job. Christine and I quickly hopped in my car shortly after, and, after seeing ANOTHER Ferrari(!), a 1980's Testarossa, proceeded to Mission, where she resides. An Awesome, awesome day.

When Paul and I were driving side-by-side to Improv the whole way with our music synched to "Black Betty", turned REALLY loud.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Day of the Donair

Oh mamo...
Paul, Christine and Craig have all been raving about these things... and today... I lost my virginity... to them. I loved them so much, that I had two. I. Love. This. Man. Mr Ben is amazing at his craft. I can't wait to go back. My day started simply with a subtle wake up by my sister at 8. I don't even remember what we talked about, as that's often the case with early-morning conversations for me. If someone talks to me within 30 seconds of me waking up, I feel like I'm drunk because the details of the conversation are never clear to me. Anyways, an INSTANT after that, I explode into sleep again, and wake up at 1:00 and desire to go somewhere out for lunch/dinner. I detailed Sheila fully -and she looks and smells beautiful- and called Paul to see if he wanted to grab sushi with me at a place just up the street. Well, I get a call from Jay not shortly after, and before I know it, Jay, Ray, Chris, Craig and I are at Mr. Ben's Donair, eating scrumptious orgasm-ness. I loved it so much I had two! After we drop Jay off at the skytrain so he can get off to his photo class at Langara *exctatic snicker*, we're rounding the corner, and there's a beautiful, mint '59 Corvette! I didn't get a picture of it, because we moved too fast, but I did get a picture of this! It's a blue caboose! I know! The day just kept getting better! I hung around with the folks for a bit, and caught up with Christine, who had an equally awesome day. She rapelled 80 feet down from a chairlift! I'm using bold way too much. Then, I met up with Marcela, Mark, Kaitlyn, Angela, Larry, Matt, and Chris at the theatre to catch Ocean's 13, and we had a blasty blast over there! I had such a great time seeing them all again. They want to have a going away party for me, for when I go to Poland, even though I'm only gone for a month and a half... but that's fine with me! Reason to party!
Having a race at sliding down the banisters with Matt! ... He won only 'cause he took steroids.

Digg loves the falcon!

I was driving home from the movie, and I get a call from a very excited Paul. He freshly announces that our Millennium falcon Stop motion video has shot up in views both on Youtube and on Digg! It's #4 on the videos page! I'm So excited!

Star Wars Robot Chicken Special

If you've got a half hour to spare for Star Wars (of course you do!) then go here and watch this.

Eugh. I want to vomit.

Well I just broke it off with Krista today. Just got back home. It's just that I found that I've started to like her more as a friend. I guess it just wasn't a match. That's how things are, I guess, but that still doesn't stop me from wanting to give myself a swirlie. I feel terrible. But, here's to the future, right!? Right! In other news, I have Juice. And I ate dinner with Darek, while sitting at one of the tables at PP. OH! And I got permission to get two weeks off in September. Calgary, here we come!

Getting a roll of dimes as part of payment on a delivery. From a rather unhappy fellow.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Mission: Calgary

So, I've had a wild concoction brewing in my skull for a while. ..'cause, y'know, that's what I keep in my skull. Concoctions. Not brains. Hence Darek calling me Dum-Dum. ANYways, I've had this wild idea to go to Calgary, to visit Julie, Christine and Nate! I'm super stoked, because I'd be driving there the whole way! Alone, you ask? No, I'd be driving there with Paul! He says he's free around mid-September, and I figured I should make use of not going to school, so I should take a road trip across BC to go see my friends in Alberta! We'd make stops along the way, I've already listed some things I'd love to go see, like Mt. Revelstoke, Glacier National Park, Lake Louise, Banff National Park, and Jasper. I'm the most stoked about Banff, because it's just so damn beautiful. This is gonna be an uber road trip.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

I'm being repressed!

Google is trying to change my name! Just look at this if you don't believe me! Those Thugs!


My folks just got back from their little camping trip. I had the house to myself for this whole weekend! I love having the house to myself! I feel so free and independent. AND I get to make a mess. It always seems that I end up making a huge mess, and on the day before the folkses come back, I do a mondo clean of the premesis. I was GOING to pull an all nighter, and play KOTOR all night, 'cause I love that game (and can't wait to be a Jedi), but instead I decided to just get little sleep, rather than no sleep. I always find that worse. I find that if I get no sleep, it's easier for me to go through the day than if I get, say, 3 hours of sleep. But, I did awake on time to detail my dad's car fully, and vacuum the house, both my little gifts for Father's day. When they showed up, we sat around and talked. Mostly about our new cameras, seeing as how my dad bought my mom a new camera, because she's been using this behemoth lately. We did a little test, and I was able to turn my camera on AND off twice before that camera was even open! Then my folks let me know that at that point, it wasn't even ready to take pictures yet! It was still warming up! The ancient Kodak DC 265 is 9 years old, has 1.4 megapixels, cost $1,500 in 1998, and weighs about as much as I did when I was born! My shiny, tasty new Canon SD 1000 has 7.1 megapixels, cost $300, and weights about as much as a safety pin. Just check out the pictures for comparison.

Went to work, and found out that my brakes REALLY squeak something fierce. It's like five midget banshees are riding my brake rotors and squeal whenever they get squished by the pads. Ouch.

NOT procrastinating about washing the car, or vacuuming the house.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Oh Mamo.

Hey, you know who was Manager of that Plateau Pizza place for the past two days? Yeah, it was that Greg guy. I heard Darek left for like three hours on Friday, and Greg actually smelt something burning. Yeah, I heard Darek also left today for a few hours, and Greg did just fine.

Friday - Manager - Not so much.

Saturday - Manager - Great Success!


We're all panicking since Darek left, and these people call to say that their crust isn't thin enough. They all look at me to see what I'm gonna do, and Nick pipes up, "Tell them this is Sparta." Funny Shit.

Oooooh ... New Shoes!

I needed new shoes. They were Cheap. Like, $10 and $60 cheap.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Thank you, Facebook

Well I just checked my Analytics page, and I want to thank Facebook. It helped me get word out about my blog. To all of you reading this, thanks for checking it and giving it hits. The day before I created that group, on June 9th, I had 7 visits. On the 10th, the day I created the group, I had a whopping 50 visits! mm... whopper....

Thursday, June 14, 2007

The reason why I'm going to be living at home for a while

I came home from work, and this is what greeted me.
Oh sweet, sweet goodness.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Look what my camera can do!

3 is always more fun!

It all started as an orgasm. A large chicken special from Plateau Pizza... I didn't take a picture of the goodness because I was too busy enjoying it. Seriously. That Pizza.. SOOOOO good. We hopped off like little rabbits to watch Dane Cook's most recent movie, Mr. Brooks. It was a real good pshychological thriller.. sychological?... psichological?... it was a good thriller, and it made you think, that's the point I'm trying to convey. I found it awesome that they gave Dane a smaller role, because it was his first non-comedy movie. They must've been like, "Okay, so he wants to try to do some serious acting, but we don't know if he can do it... Let's give him a smaller role, and see how he does." I must say he did really well! I was impressed with his ability to NOT over - act. That's something I'm trying to do personally. However, Christine and I couldn't help but giggle at in-opportune times, just because he's such a comic, and we kept linking up things he said in the movie to things he's done in his comedic past. "AAah Dane Cook is such a silly little bitch." Christine was able to slip in the most funniest way that I've ever seen someone fall while we were at the theatre. It was as if it was in slow motion! I was almost worried for her...

From the theatre, we headed straight to Improv, where we met up with a bunch of friends, and had a great time laughing. The show was great, and they did a skit about the eleventh commandment which is, officially, "Though shall not drive a Kia" *spits*. Paul fooled around with my camera quite a bit, and discovered some things that I hadn't known, like that there's a color swap, and a time lapse mode! :D We re-filmed a little of dafidility :D Krista came by, and it was cool to see here there. All in all, another AWESOME day! :D

UMOTD (Uber-moment-of-the-day for all you newcomers!):
Paul wanted to leave his sweater in the car, so he goes, "oh, I wanna actually leave this in the car". I'm standing with Christine, say, "Go ahead". "Oh, it's not locked?" says Paul. I don't say anything while he walks back to the car. Before he even gets there Christine and I just break out laughing.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Scrapping in The woods

Woke up and made sandwiches with Paul, Christine and Megan. They had a crazy cheese on them, prusciotto... prisciutto.. pri Italian ham and asparagus! I know! Asparagus? On a sandwich!? CRAZY town! Jason showed me some cool miniatures, and said that they'd be getting some star wars ones soon. We were gonna go look at motorbikes with Paul and Megan, because Pauls' thinking of getting one! Like a day old addiction, and he already wants one. Apparently, Christine let him ride hers... heh... in his pants. *snicker* So Christine and I leave for North Van, she needed some company 'cause she didn't want to be stuck in regular traffic, she wanted to be in the HOV lane for VIPs. We saved a lot of time. We did the Mexican runaround twice in the tunnel! ...We got honked at, and totally annoyed this one car. I visited Krista, and then went to Paul's to film a little. It was our first trial filming something with our new and improved, intense group, "Raised By Monkeys". We were missing Jason Pelley, but he was away at some big-guy meeting, so it's alright. Mark, Chris, Paul, Craig and I filmed a little scrap in the forest. MANY inappropriate comments resulted as Chris and I fought. I actually punched him... um.. by accident... yeah.. *smiles innocently*. It worked well, this new system of command we've got. Mark took direction from Paul while working the camera, and Paul whipped us all into shape. After, was Dewy's where we debreifed over two dollar burgers and while being distracted by the gorgeous girls on the TV. Oh how I love the speed channel.

Here's a short little Video Blog I put together about the day! I promise, it's short this time!

Me: "I bet you that's the guy"
Christine: "No, he's here too early"
Me: "What about that guy?"
Christine: "That's the same guy"
Chrstine:"...That was totally the guy"
Me: "That was SO the guy, I SO told you"

Monday, June 11, 2007

Summer Rain

Christine!!! Where are you!? What? You're at my house at 9:30? Oh. Well then, I'll just go shower, and we'll go to Vancouver to see your good friend Aron who's at the airport for a few hours while he transfers flights. Hey, look! I have 400 km on the odo, and Sheila's still going! I can't believe I lasted a full 460 km on that tank of gas! Actually, I can! Remember when Aron made olives get into a fight, and I bought that really un-tasty meal from a certain fast food place that will remain unnamed? Fortune wok really isn't worth it, eh? .. Woops... What's that, Christine? You want to build a towering statue of me, the great Jedi Master, out of Jello?! I think you should do that! That was fun when I tricked you into thinking that Aron was arriving, making you mess up your game on my DS. And it was even funnier when, as you looked up, he was actually there! I had a great day at work, too! Darek asked me for my parents' numbers! What's that? You think I should be crowned king of all marshmallow kingdoms and reign with licorice goodness? Why, thank you, Christine! Well anyways, I took a bunch of pictures. What's that, Christine? You want to see them? Okay! What's that? You also want me to slip on a banana peel and fall into a large puddle of some unpleasant substance?! ... wait... what?

Doing a Mexican Runaround with Christine while traffic was Uber slow on the highway. The lady behind us must've thought we were crazy.