Monday, June 04, 2007


I'm much scared today. I just got a letter in the mail from Langara. And, considering I haven't yet sent in... y'know what? Let's just hear the whole story, shall we?

So when I first got accepted, I hastened to get my transcripts in on time. The man I was corresponding with, Daniel, told me not to worry, it was important that they had my confirmation on time. So, I put it off for a while. I was going to mail them tomorrow, just in case they said something, like revoked my acceptance or something like that.

Today, I get a letter in the mail, from a Mrs. Cheng, and she informs me that I've "Been accepted". Well, that's great, I've already gotten an email and a letter telling me this. I read on and the letter says, "To the Acting Program (Production Option - Two years)" So, as of now, I'm terrified, but acting not terrified. Get it? 'Cause I'm an actor! Eh!? See, 'cause its... nevermind. So I sent an email to Daniel, and asked him what happened. I really do hope that my acceptance to the acting option wasn't revoked or anything, and am hoping that this was just a mistake. I'm keeping my mind off it for now, and it'll all clear up soon enough. As of now, I'm going to sleep.

Eating the new "LEONITAS" Pizza while talking with Darek and sitting in the front seat of his car. There's a Polish song playing on his radio, singing "I will endure" and he says that when he's listening to it, he adds "working with Greg" to the end of it.