Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Mr.Ben, His Donairs, and Ferraris

So I woke up today... at 4:30 in the bloody morning! I wanted to try out the time lapse function on my camera to film the sun rise, and make it all fancy-lookin.. but work it did not. I slept until my optometrist appointment at 11:00, to find out that my eyes got better over the past year! I took a ride in the mall car with Wesley and he didn't succeed in running me over.

I went to the park, to my usual spot, where I read an AWESOME book... Star wars: Heir to the empire, by Timothy Zhan. SO good. I got really into it, then found out that the grass would make a nice pillow. I don't even know how long i slept! I got up, and Christine shows up, and
we proceed to go eat some Donairs with Paul! But not before Paul informs me that our Millenium Falcon stop-motion video is now on the official star wars blog!! Apparently someone from Lucasfilm watched it! They loved it! As of now, we've got 10,703 views! We've climbed massiveley in the past 3 days. I think it was like this:

Monday: 500 views.

Tuesday: 900 views, on digg site.
Wednesday: 10,703 views, on the official star wars blog.

I'm just really glad that one of our videos is doing so well! Can't wait to see how far it goes.

ANYways, back to the story. We arrive at Mr. Ben's Donair, and We each have a loaded Donair full of goodness. Driving back, Christine slept a little, and we ended up at Improv, and I just lost the game. I dropped Christine off at Improv, to save us seats, and Paul and I went to get his car, and to maybe pick up a check at Plateau Pizza... which Darek hadn't written yet. However... our trip really was made worth it. The day got SO much better, when Paul and I saw a Ferrari F430 Spider, and chased it for a bit! SO sexy, that car is. Improv was hillarious, as it always is, and the three men that WERE there, did an awesome job. Christine and I quickly hopped in my car shortly after, and, after seeing ANOTHER Ferrari(!), a 1980's Testarossa, proceeded to Mission, where she resides. An Awesome, awesome day.

When Paul and I were driving side-by-side to Improv the whole way with our music synched to "Black Betty", turned REALLY loud.