Monday, June 11, 2007

Summer Rain

Christine!!! Where are you!? What? You're at my house at 9:30? Oh. Well then, I'll just go shower, and we'll go to Vancouver to see your good friend Aron who's at the airport for a few hours while he transfers flights. Hey, look! I have 400 km on the odo, and Sheila's still going! I can't believe I lasted a full 460 km on that tank of gas! Actually, I can! Remember when Aron made olives get into a fight, and I bought that really un-tasty meal from a certain fast food place that will remain unnamed? Fortune wok really isn't worth it, eh? .. Woops... What's that, Christine? You want to build a towering statue of me, the great Jedi Master, out of Jello?! I think you should do that! That was fun when I tricked you into thinking that Aron was arriving, making you mess up your game on my DS. And it was even funnier when, as you looked up, he was actually there! I had a great day at work, too! Darek asked me for my parents' numbers! What's that? You think I should be crowned king of all marshmallow kingdoms and reign with licorice goodness? Why, thank you, Christine! Well anyways, I took a bunch of pictures. What's that, Christine? You want to see them? Okay! What's that? You also want me to slip on a banana peel and fall into a large puddle of some unpleasant substance?! ... wait... what?

Doing a Mexican Runaround with Christine while traffic was Uber slow on the highway. The lady behind us must've thought we were crazy.