Thursday, June 07, 2007


I want to discuss something serious. How something can be so beautiful, yet be so disgusting. I am talking, of course, about the sure and sudden decline in the styling of the Subaru Impreza WRX Sti. It is amazing how such a wonderfully engineered car, a solid, "four-door sports car" that has amazing handling, a beautiful sounding boxer-4 engine that propels the car from zero to insane in about 4 seconds, can be so ugly on the outside.
It brings up another question, though. I am amazed at american magazine's ability to not bash such clearly unappealing styling. It must be all in the politics, and the legal business that I want to puke on. Because the american publishers are so frightened of the company's lawyers picking up their books, the wonderful magazine that shall remain unnamed goes about ignorantly and boringly stating the facts and being neutral on all subjects. Occasionally, they'll tiptoe into uncharted territory and say that the plastic dashboard on an ugly, unnamed american "muscle car" is a little on the tad side. But apart from that, not much else! They just don't want to risk being sued or appearing biased. Then, there is the great magazine, Top Gear. God how I love that show/magazine. They have no fear in stating that a car is ugly, brutish and unelegant. However, sometimes I think they do it just to be different, and just to exercise that right. For instance, they think that the Ferrari F430 is not a sexy car. Or that the Lamborghini Mucielago LP640 is not wild. I think both cars look positively amazing (the Ferrari More so), and are works of art in every respect. I NEVER agree with their cool wall, because sometimes they put cars on it that do NOT deserve to be there. They're English. Can ya blame 'em?

Making Alex Pepizcek laugh for the first time. We were rolling dough and I made an innapropriate comment. His smile made my day.