Friday, June 08, 2007

Un Camera

Okay, after a while waiting, specifically since our Whistler film festival in April, I've finally gotten my camera back from London Drugs, and instantly exchanged it for another one, because I didn't like the picture quality. The problem was, that while in Whistler, I tried to take a picture, and the lens wouldn't come out fully. That equals problem. So I got them to send it to Casio, got into a scrap with the manager, and finally got this new shiny, sexy camera. It takes REAL nice pictures, feels great, and is barely grainy at all, compared with my old camera (although I learnt today that that MIGHT'VE been due to me setting the ISO too high). But now, I'm real happy, and as a result, I'll be taking lots of pictures, and will be trying to do the same thing as Christine is doing, with her picture of the day, along with my Uber-Moment-Of-The-Day (UMOTD). I promised Christine the first picture to be taken with my camera, and here it is!: