Friday, April 27, 2007

Greg's Awesome Video Blog #1!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Video - Bloggage

So Paul's been experimenting with something pretty nifty. He has combined two things he loves to do. Video and Blogging. I think it's great that he's combining two things that he's great at to come up with a great product. This way, he experiments with his camera more and gets more experience in a different way. (Not that I think he needs more experience with his camera!) I am now thinking of also starting up video - bloggage (yes, that's the scientific name for it), even though I'm new to the whole blog scene. the only thing I have to do is convince my dad to let me use the camera, something he's not inclined to do, but it's worth a shot. I'd rather venture into the dragon's den and emerge victorious with a camera to use, than NOT venture into the dragon's den because I was a pussy. Because I'm not. Not that there's anything wrong with being a pussy, I just am not a fan.

Went to see Hot Fuzz with Brian yesterday. Great movie. Lots of over-exaggerated sound effects make everything from taking something off a shelf to shifting gears on a car seem hard-core and action packed. The blatant, extreme blood splashing and the little old lady that got her face kicked in just added to the awesome which was this movie. I don't know why, but the name of the movie made me think it was like the Dog the Bounty Hunter movie or something. I never would've guessed it was about two British cops until i saw the trailer.

That was after a great day at work, and after our illustrious Vancouver Canucks lost 4-1... or something. See, I'm not much of a hockey fan, but I've always been interested. I think it comes from all my friends around me being addicted. It grows on you. And with the added fact that we're in the playoffs, it was hard for me to resist switching my radio to the Team 1040 and deciphering what they were saying throughout all the static. I had a blast even though half the time I didn't know if we had the puck or they did, 'cause I don't know the names of the players. I think I've got the fever.

Right now I'm sitting at home just taking it easy, 'cause I really am starting to think that I did something to my rib after that nasty spill on my last ride. Most likely I broke it 'cause the pain is not easing up. I'm just going to drink a lot of milk before work, that's all.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Smallville and The Birdcage

Yesterday I'm sitting around relaxing after my bike ride, and I get a call from Mr. Kingsland, my old Info Tech Teacher. He calls me to inform me that I have an audition for Smallville! A year ago, we entered a film into the 48 hour quick flick film challenge, with Brian Romein, Brian Tansley, Ali, Steph, Spencer, Adam, and me. We won "Best acting Ensemble" and as a prize we got auditions for smallville.. a year ago. So now, after a year, we finally hear from them, and we're in! On March 3rd I'm going in with the gang to audition! :D Steph, Brian, Brian, Ali and I are going to head down to Vancouver for our auditions, and what's cool is that we got a part of the script to read and prepare! I've been practicing my monologue for Langara and memorized it today. Now all I gotta do is practice. I'm really excited for the audition, and am just imagining what it'd be like to be on smallville! :D

As for the Birdcage, it's a movie I just watched with Robin Williams and Gene Hackman. It's absolutely hillarious, and it's about a gay dance club, and a whole "Meet the Fockers" storyline. Robin shines as he does in any movie, but I was also impressed by Hank Azaria, just because of his hillarious character. He's a gay Guatemalen man, and he just plays a wonderful accent and great mannerisms. They all do a great job.

Monday, April 23, 2007

A thorn in my side... or an entire branch

So This morning I wake up at 10:30, and this is how my morning/afternoon went:

11:15 - Get on bike

11:40 - caught bus

12:15 - Start climbing

12:45 - Climbing

12:46 - ...still climbing

12:55 - Begin Riding down!

1:20 - First bail. Ate it big off a medium - sized launch after looking at it for 20 minutes.

1:30 - Nail the launch :D

1:31 - 3:00 - Have a kick - ass time riding, nailing more than i ever have. Probably my best day riding! I also nailed that Skinny on Dentist, someone had chopped up the log that had fallen on it, and I actually met him! On the trail I met Kyle, and he's real good. Hopefully I'll be at his level one day. :D

Facebook, MSN and M&Ms

Today is another non- school day :D I love this. It's a Sunday, so It's REAL busy. I had church in the morning, where I THINK I saw Sam Petrin... but I wasn't sure. Y'know that thing where you see someone, but you're not sure if it's them or not? I kinda did that, and looked away shortly after, it was too early in the morning to be all random and stuff. I was just tired. Although I saw Pedram, which was a great thing, because I hadn't seen him since he was on stage! We acted together in "The Importance of Being Earnest" and that was great times.

I am currently on a little website called Facebook, a few of you may have heard of it in passing. It's a "social networking site" as Paul so conveniently calls it. I agree with him, I don't like how so many of us have distanced ourselves through the internet. We choose instead of meeting up with someone, to use a cheap excuse over the internet. That's the reason I don't have MSN. I believe if you want to talk to someone, you should at LEAST call them.... But then we have gChat, and Facebook, which weakens my argument. Whatever. I don't do it chronically :D. I don't like how we're distancing ourselves, so I try to keep it to a minimum.

Oh, here's some pictures from the ride on a couple days ago. I lazy so I don't research the day it was on for you. You look that up yourselves.

So on the subject of M&M's... I was at work today, and in typical Sunday busy-ness, for the last half hour, Alex and I were throwing M&M's into our mouths from across the room. People across the way probably thought we looked insane, because they couldn't see the candy. They could only see us moving back and forth and jumping.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Biking. Again. On a mountain. Fun.

Today I wake up, still haven't cleaned my room, and hopped straight on my bike. See, if I had it my way, that's how life would be. I would be able to jump on my bike and just ride all day. It's this way because I went on a ride with Nick and the Knightriders :D. I had a blast. We used to always ride with the Carney crew, and have a great time at it. It was my first time riding a real trail in a long time, usually i've been pretty lazy to get out riding on a real trail, but I think I'm going to go more often. See, I thought I might've lost some of my skill, but in fact, I had gotten better! :P I had a great time, and got to meet some of the new young guns over at carney. They're ripping it up pretty good. So now I'm going to go ride more often with Nick, considering that the season's starting, and I don't do anything in the morning. I did some cool log rides, and some nice little drops. Good.Frickin.Times.


I just came back from work, after a pleasant, sunny day, where I tricked EVERYONE. It's gorgeous outside, and everyone except me is doing something, and I shout, "WHAT?! It's Snowing!?" and EVERYONE looks up, feeling really dumb a second later.

Boo yeah.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Langara, baby, with a side of pain.

I'm in pain not because of Langara, but I'm still REALLY hurting from when Paul took me boarding. He took me for a double black diamond, and, since I'm not really good... at all.. I had a blast, but fell down a lot.

I took a trip to Langara today, to drop off my audition confirmation. I just planned for a quick trip there, so Paul and I could utilize the beautiful weather and film a little, but it was not so. LOTS of construction.
I was reading the sheets of paper with writing on them that were sent to me by Langara, and I must say I am really really nervous. I am never nervous for anything, really, but for this... oh mamo. It says that they've received 250 applicants across the nation. I thought to myself, that's not bad. But then I read on and it said that they are accepting 32 students. In all of Canada. Of 250. 16 start in september, and 16 in January. I must say I'm really nervous. It also said that students start at 8:30 am, and some classes don't get out until 8:00 pm. It advises strongly for students not to have a job, and says that "we will do our best to allow for students to have a day off on the weekend." Hoof. That will be a huge difference from what I'm used to right now. I'm so excited for it. I really really am going to apply myself to my utmost for this program, ...and to first get accepted into it.

Monday, April 16, 2007


I'm with Mark, Jason and Paul, sitting in Marks' little Golf, stealing someone's internet to bring you this breaking news! We made three films in the three days we've been here. We really can't believe how quality they are! They will be up on the TMM movies site soon. This just in, I'm wearing a touque. We're going boarding soon, and we're going to enjoy ourselves more than you.

Now, on to the weather. Back to you, Ryan.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

And sheila went... vroom!

Just one last post before I leave for Whistler!

I'm leaving...

I've left.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


So I usually don't post until later in the day, but i just thought I'd shake things up. So I went to the mall this morning, 'cause I need "special" boxers for our filming this week at whistler... which I'm SO stoked for!!! I know I wanted to save money, but I hopped into HMV and I wanted some new ska tunes. I had read about a band called The Cat Empire, and I couldn't find their tracks online to... buy... online... for money *suspicious eyes* and I found them there. And they ROCK! They're up there with Catch 22 for me (who's CD, Keasbey nights, I also bought, because i thought i owed it to them, being my favourite band and all). I've always wanted more stuff that sounds like Catch 22, 'cause they're really upbeat. So I was happy when i popped in The Cat Empire CD. This is one of those Cd's that made me smile from the first moment i started listening to it, just 'cause it's exactly what i was looking for.

Sean just showed me a website called "Encyclopedia dynamica". I haven't really looked deep into it, but it looks real cool on first glance. I want to read into it more, but I don't exactly have time at the moment.

The girl at HMV told me to check out Pandora It's a site where you can find music that vibes just like the stuff you like. You find your favourite artist, and it brings up them as well as stuff that sounds like it, and you can stream it online. I haven't had much time to check this out either :P.

Funny Chat with Christine

I just had a chat with Christine... God I love her. :D And this is what I said:

1:33 PM Christine: argh
i had a final this morning
and another one tonight
me:'d it og?
Christine: og!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1:34 PM oh greg, i love you :)
1:35 PM me: so how'd it og?

How'd It og?

Naked Bodies. Curves.

...The Title of course, refers to the Cars at the car show, of which I now have obtained pictures of. At the same time, while at Paul's house, we updated the look of our blogs! The link to the full project is here, at Paul's Blog. He's got it all written out, and you can see the old look if you so desire. I just didn't want to write it out since Paul already has!

Now, for the Car show :D

Overall, It was great. I mean, I didn't expect anything revolutionary, I just went to see nice cars. There was also many not so nice cars, as you will soon see. But that's because it's not like it's the Geneva show, or Paris or one of the other big car shows. Those are the major ones where the new models are introduced. Here, highlighted in pictures, is the adventure Paul, his friend Martin and I had.
The Entrance! joy! We saw a lot of un-coolness before we saw this sign.

A very cool cut-away Flat-6 Subaru engine displaying Subaru's new valve - lifting system, and a suzuki that had little suzukis running around on a track throughout it.

A Suzuki that I thought my dad would like: Rally-prepped. And a shiny, sexy Lotus Exige.

And here is something completely unsexy. To your left, you see another pussy hummer. An H...T? A pickup. Hummer. Junk.

To make up for that un-sexiness, here is something extremely on the "OHMYGAWD" side. The new Chevy Camaro Concept car. If Chevrolet doesn't build this, babies will cry.

Also in the sexy category is the new Audi TT and the Jaguar XKR. I wouldn't mind owning both those cars one day. I'm just astounded with how sexy the Audi is! It looks beautiful, and to think they'll be cruising our streets this spring. The picture on the left will have a funny caption soon :D

In extreme sexiness, is the Aston Martin DB8. I think this is one of the sexiest Astons, if not the most powerful. It's stance is just beautiful, and the interior just as beautiful as the DB9's.

Just showing off the Aston's sexy lines. And yes, that IS a Ford GT. I really didn't fancy it because I thought at first it is just like most American cars (Except the Mustang), mass produced and with no soul. However, as I met it in person, I realised the GT does have quite a bit of history and lots of soul. For what it stands for. I guess I needed the Classic Gulf paint job that harkens back to '66. That dual-supercharged V8 must sound beautiful.
This is just a picture collage Paul quickly made. I only did one thing quickly: Realised how much ass he can kick with photoshop and html coding. Damn, Paul.

Then, our trip took a very pleasant turn. We stopped by the Ferrari Dealership on our way home. Much orgasming ensued.

See what I mean?

THAT is the Beautiful Ferrari F430 I was talking about in my last post. Damn... That's a beautiful machine. The 360 is just in the background, in yellow. The guy didn't really deserve that car, though. I could tell

The car under the cover is a Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano. For some reason Paul was amazed that I could tell it was that even though it was under the cover. The sharp edges of the headlights give it away, and the sportier length and height distinguish it from the 612 Scaglietti. I haven't yet seen one, so i was in shock. I asked the mechanic there who got the job through an apprenticeship, and he said that it was indeed the 599.

Back to the F430. The friendly owner allowed us to take pictures of the interior. I love that man. He defenitely deserves this car.

All in all, the day ended up great. I had a blast with the cars, and the Ferraris were a great end to a great day. Thanks a lot, Paul. The pictures rock!

I don't know why this stuff is underlined all of a sudden.

Sunday, April 08, 2007


Okay, so I'm taking a temproary break to get my pictures from the car show from Paul. That's when I'll post about the car show and the awesome day that went with it. For now, I'll just ramble!

I kinda wish I had my own camera, so I could take pictures randomly about things i did that day. For now I'll just post a cool car on the blog. Okay, this isn't a car, but it's the most beautiful part of a car. See, the way I see it, Every car is beautiful... EXCEPT A KIA... *spits* because of the wonderous piece of machinery inside it which is the internal combustion engine. That is truly the beauty of any car, and the heart and soul of the machine. This is the engine of the Ferrari F430. It's Quite a beautiful automobile, and a brilliant engineering feat. It replaces the 360 Modena, shown here: What a beautiful work of art. It's hard to say which one is truly my favourite Ferrari, It honestly is a tough decision for me, but I believe the 360 will always be special to me because it started my love for Ferraris. So the F430 Replaces it with a newer body, a more race-oriented interior, and a more powerful engine. Also, it comes with an interesting "Manettino" switch on the steering wheel. It controls the suspension settings, traction control and gearing all at your very lucky fingertips.

So Nate got to blogging, and now it's me him and Paul! It's good to be among such men, although this MIGHT (although I hope it doesn't) substitute our need to talk to eachother in person, because we'll all know what the other did! ANYways, Nate says he's playing on his DS, which is exactly the same as mine:P. He's got Zelda, and I just got Zelda for the N64. I've always wanted an N64, and when it came out, I dreamed of getting one but never wanted to trouble my parents for one. So now that it's $15, I can afford one! so I got one, and I now am extending my childhood in a way through the DS and N64. Nintendo will always hold a special place in everyone's heart. In many ways, it started it all. The classic characters, the games we all love and noone cannot love Nintendo. Except the Gamecube. Which sucks. I even am considering (although not very strongly) buying a Wii. A great gaming system mostly because of it's innovation of the controls in a great selection of games. Such as the new Mario galaxy. I won't get one, but it's fun to dream. And now, Off to play Zelda!

Oh, and a picture... just a snippet of the greatness of a day which was Thursday :D

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Sun + bike = happy. Sun + broken axle = Slightly less happy

So, Today is another beautiful day. I got some riding in after driving my little sister (Judy, 10) to school. That was, of course after I talked on gChat with Christine and Julie. It was good to hear from them both. So I got out to ride at about noon. I had a blasty blast. I just rode around. and i hit a drop without hesitation today. Made me feel less good than I thought it would, adrenaline - wise, but it made me proud of myself for doing it no problem. So why am I home now at 3:00 when it's still sunny out? Well... let's just say I'm happy it didn't happen at the bottom end of a drop. My front wheel axle just snapped off. Luckily i just had come down from doing a skinny, and it came right off. Luckily i had nailed the skinny successfully, albeit after nailing the ground once. I had just been to Cap's Bycicles where I met up with the friendly mechanics Jason and Phil. Someone completely unfriendly was the lady at the front. No "Hi" or any aknowledgement. She's lucky those two gents are back there, or else I would've turned right around and left. I was there because I was curious how much it would cost to do a complete overhaul on my bike. I had been wanting to upgrade for quite some time. Now was the chance. I have a great job which brings in oodles of cash and lots of time to bike. So it's going to cost me $1800. Approximately. But MAN is my bike going to be sick! I'm going to upgrade the disc brakes to hydraulics, the front AND rear suspension, and the front (possibly rear as well) wheelset. Hoof. What I'm going to do is this:

See, my good friend Nate got me a ticket to win a Ferrari 360 Modena in a raffle for christmas. I cannot lie I'm really excited. I dream about it all the time. Winning a Ferrari. Wow. So obviously I'm going to need cash to fund that car. Gas, tires, routine maintenance... What I'm going to do is not spend a penny from now until then (September 9), and if I win the Modena, then I will spend the cash on insurance and soforth. If not, I cry and spend it on bike parts. So there it is. Either way, I win. Just win slightly less.

Currently: Stoked for Linkin Park's New album, here on Paul's blog
Stoked for Car show on thursday with Paul
Snacking on goldfish

Monday, April 02, 2007

Ferraris, Friut salad and a celebrity

Okay, so Today I'm making pizzas with Darek, and we get a phone call. Person sounds familiar but I don't know exactly who it was, i was more focused on taking their order. So the guy comes in later to pick his pizzas up, and he looks strangely familiar. I overheard him talking about the radio with my boss after he asked me about our chicken wings. He mentioned that Darek should play the Fox, but the reason we don't is 'cause of the reception. And then it clicked. It was Jeff O'Neil from the Fox! Holy crap! I was like: "You're not Jeff O'Neil" jokingly, and he shows his license and I go "You ARE Jeff O'Neil!" and bow down mockingly. I danced around and sang "I made Jeff O'neil's Pizza!" And he sings "I ate Plateau Pizza!" and left. Damn! It was so cool to have a celebrity, and he says that our Pizza is fantastic!! Up yours, Papa Johns!

So I was just eating a friut salad... and I just realised something to be true. How the grapefruit makes every other fruit it's bitch so easily. I mean, I always eat stuff from least favourite to favourite so that it kills off the taste of the bad after i've eaten it. Plus I like to save the best for last. So after I ate all the grapefruit I was eating the pineapples and i realised i could still very much taste the grapefruit. NOO!! The juices infiltrated the other fruit and penetrated their defenses! I realised i could've just left the grapefruit for last. So now all that's left in the bowl for the next person is grapefruit juice, cantalopes and honeydew melons. And two grapes. Which I just ate.

At work i had a blast again. I worked with Darek and we joked a lot. I actually made him laugh a couple times. I think I'm starting to come out of my shell over there. At first I didn't want to 'cause I was worried they would think I was arrogant and such. But now it's good. I couldn't stop talking about Ferraris today. God I can't wait to own one.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Hail and April Fools

I'm not even joking... it hailed today. A freak hail storm. It was NUTS. I'm delivering pizzas, driving around, and all of a sudden... fwoosh! Hail. And then it was done.

So it was April fools. At first I forgot, but i overheard my dad pranking my sister, so i caught on before he pranked me. I showed up to the theatre, where we were building the set for the play, with my arm in a sling. Totally acting, i pretended that I had tore my rotator cuff. GOT EVERYONE! Every single one of them got nabbed! They got so mad at me! It was so great to hear my director go "what the F*** did you do now!?" I was Victorious! So we built the set and I went to work. Now I just talked to Jason, who I hadn't talked to in a while, so all is well. Car show this week

Currently listening to Bloc party - I still remember

Great Asians and Ice - Cream sandwiches

I love Asians. I really do. They make me really happy. I was driving, came up to a stop light and there beside me was a civic. I casually looked at it and there was a girl apparently trying to take a picture of something with her camera phone. I just happened to be in the way, so I made a goofy face like as if I was shocked that she was taking my picture, and she and her boyfriend had a blast laughing. They forgot to drive when the light turned green!

I went out for Coffee with a friend today, at Gallagher's. It was nice to be back in a familiar place. I haven't been there in a while. Just a thought, we still call it "Coffee" even if we went out to get a piece of cheesecake. I guess that's 'cause we get it at a Coffee shop... wow. I just typed Pizza Place there, instead of Coffee shop. I'm good. That's when you know you love your job:P. Speaking of which, I worked today, and it was great once again. Only messed up once:P. Darek keeps calling me "maly" which is pronounced "ma-wy" and means "little one". Made another killing in tips. At the end of the night, my friend Alex and I wanted to get him started on deliveries, 'cause the tips are great and he needs the money, so I told him that I'd lend him my car one day and he can go for deliveries. So he needs to work on his manual skills, but that's what we did. he tried Sheila out for a little bit at the end of the day.

Then I went over to Kaitlyn's house where there was a potluck going on, and even though I missed most of it, it felt SO good to be in the company of good friends again. I was real happy to be with them again. I havent seen them much at all lately. We watched the majority of Casino Royale, and then packed it in. Now, time to get ready for set - up of the set tomorrow.