Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Sun + bike = happy. Sun + broken axle = Slightly less happy

So, Today is another beautiful day. I got some riding in after driving my little sister (Judy, 10) to school. That was, of course after I talked on gChat with Christine and Julie. It was good to hear from them both. So I got out to ride at about noon. I had a blasty blast. I just rode around. and i hit a drop without hesitation today. Made me feel less good than I thought it would, adrenaline - wise, but it made me proud of myself for doing it no problem. So why am I home now at 3:00 when it's still sunny out? Well... let's just say I'm happy it didn't happen at the bottom end of a drop. My front wheel axle just snapped off. Luckily i just had come down from doing a skinny, and it came right off. Luckily i had nailed the skinny successfully, albeit after nailing the ground once. I had just been to Cap's Bycicles where I met up with the friendly mechanics Jason and Phil. Someone completely unfriendly was the lady at the front. No "Hi" or any aknowledgement. She's lucky those two gents are back there, or else I would've turned right around and left. I was there because I was curious how much it would cost to do a complete overhaul on my bike. I had been wanting to upgrade for quite some time. Now was the chance. I have a great job which brings in oodles of cash and lots of time to bike. So it's going to cost me $1800. Approximately. But MAN is my bike going to be sick! I'm going to upgrade the disc brakes to hydraulics, the front AND rear suspension, and the front (possibly rear as well) wheelset. Hoof. What I'm going to do is this:

See, my good friend Nate got me a ticket to win a Ferrari 360 Modena in a raffle for christmas. I cannot lie I'm really excited. I dream about it all the time. Winning a Ferrari. Wow. So obviously I'm going to need cash to fund that car. Gas, tires, routine maintenance... What I'm going to do is not spend a penny from now until then (September 9), and if I win the Modena, then I will spend the cash on insurance and soforth. If not, I cry and spend it on bike parts. So there it is. Either way, I win. Just win slightly less.

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