Sunday, April 08, 2007


Okay, so I'm taking a temproary break to get my pictures from the car show from Paul. That's when I'll post about the car show and the awesome day that went with it. For now, I'll just ramble!

I kinda wish I had my own camera, so I could take pictures randomly about things i did that day. For now I'll just post a cool car on the blog. Okay, this isn't a car, but it's the most beautiful part of a car. See, the way I see it, Every car is beautiful... EXCEPT A KIA... *spits* because of the wonderous piece of machinery inside it which is the internal combustion engine. That is truly the beauty of any car, and the heart and soul of the machine. This is the engine of the Ferrari F430. It's Quite a beautiful automobile, and a brilliant engineering feat. It replaces the 360 Modena, shown here: What a beautiful work of art. It's hard to say which one is truly my favourite Ferrari, It honestly is a tough decision for me, but I believe the 360 will always be special to me because it started my love for Ferraris. So the F430 Replaces it with a newer body, a more race-oriented interior, and a more powerful engine. Also, it comes with an interesting "Manettino" switch on the steering wheel. It controls the suspension settings, traction control and gearing all at your very lucky fingertips.

So Nate got to blogging, and now it's me him and Paul! It's good to be among such men, although this MIGHT (although I hope it doesn't) substitute our need to talk to eachother in person, because we'll all know what the other did! ANYways, Nate says he's playing on his DS, which is exactly the same as mine:P. He's got Zelda, and I just got Zelda for the N64. I've always wanted an N64, and when it came out, I dreamed of getting one but never wanted to trouble my parents for one. So now that it's $15, I can afford one! so I got one, and I now am extending my childhood in a way through the DS and N64. Nintendo will always hold a special place in everyone's heart. In many ways, it started it all. The classic characters, the games we all love and noone cannot love Nintendo. Except the Gamecube. Which sucks. I even am considering (although not very strongly) buying a Wii. A great gaming system mostly because of it's innovation of the controls in a great selection of games. Such as the new Mario galaxy. I won't get one, but it's fun to dream. And now, Off to play Zelda!

Oh, and a picture... just a snippet of the greatness of a day which was Thursday :D