Sunday, April 01, 2007

Hail and April Fools

I'm not even joking... it hailed today. A freak hail storm. It was NUTS. I'm delivering pizzas, driving around, and all of a sudden... fwoosh! Hail. And then it was done.

So it was April fools. At first I forgot, but i overheard my dad pranking my sister, so i caught on before he pranked me. I showed up to the theatre, where we were building the set for the play, with my arm in a sling. Totally acting, i pretended that I had tore my rotator cuff. GOT EVERYONE! Every single one of them got nabbed! They got so mad at me! It was so great to hear my director go "what the F*** did you do now!?" I was Victorious! So we built the set and I went to work. Now I just talked to Jason, who I hadn't talked to in a while, so all is well. Car show this week

Currently listening to Bloc party - I still remember