Thursday, August 30, 2007

More Adrian!

My past two days have gone like this: Not doing much, and then going over to Adrian's house. Again. I had to pick up John's XBOX and the cables from Chris, because Chris had accidentally taken John's power cables. Adrian and I started off the night with some Supreme commander, which lags EXTREMELY on absolutely any computer. Then, we started a hardcore Halo 2 co-op, on Heroic. We got all the way to the level where you play as arbiter, trying to get into the library to get the icon. Fascinating news, I know. Then, we were distracted by a little game called Lost Planet which Adrian... um.. legally downloaded for his computer. That game started off really plain, but it's cool level rose exponentially when the explosions started flying! Awesome game, in the end. We played games (all hooked up to his giant TV) until 8:30 AM. I slept for 3 hours, and then got called in to work, where Jurek wanted me to take his shift. I was planning on just chilling and vegging all day, but since he got into some special course, and had to go, I went in to work for him.

However, I still made it for Table 23 Customer appreciation day, just like I was planning! It was awesome, and the cafe was packed all the way to the street! All the guys were there, and they did skits reenacting people's lives' in the audience. They picked Ange, Conor, Paul, Betty, and a guy named Jessy, Oh and me! They think I run Plateau Pizza by myself because I can do everything, so
Graham was me delivering pizza to Scarlett Johansson, played by a gorgeous Russ a la wig. Then, Jeff was Ange at EB, with a geeky customer (me, played by Graham again) asking to make out with her. The best one was the one about Paul, or rather, The Romeins. Hi-larious. Jonothan was Paul, directing everyone around the movie set. Russ was Jason, wanting more responsibility and freedom. Best of all, Jeff was Brian. Jeff played Brian off to a T. Always eager and enthusiastic about any job you give him.
"I want to be grip!" "You are grip" "Sweet!"
All in all, it was a hillarious night, with plenty of laughs and stickers had by all.

Paul, Jessy, Ange, Britt and I moseyed over to The Treehouse where we played a VERY quick game of settlers, which was lucky, because I was falling asleep. Then, Paul and I decided to changed things up by chilling at MY house! *GASP* We marvelled at my new mouse, Paul did the first revision of the script for Whispers, and I played Half - Life 2. I made Paul a sandwich.
Beating the boss-lady with Adrian. It was a victorious moment.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

100 Dollars Smarter Than Staples

So, I am officially smarter than staples. I rule.

...Okay, so Adrian is the one smarter than staples, and I'm just using his strategy. I just bought the worlds' sexiest mouse, and saved $100. How do I do this, you ask? Here's how. Adrian showed me this website where they've got insane deals. It's called Red flag deals. Yesterday, I followed the directions. I shopped around for the mouse I wanted, and grabbed a flyer from Future shop. They've got it for $69.99, as usually it's $130.00. BUT I went instead to Staples, because I know that they do price-matching. The Coquitlam staples didn't have any in stock, so I went all teh way to the maple ridge staples. There, I met my friends Jazmine and Laura, who I hadn't seen in forever! (just a little side note) They didn't have any either! BUT Jazmine helped me order one in from another store. NOW... Staples had it going for $103.00, still a savings of 27 bucks. In ADDITON to their savings, they also have a rebate for $40.00, bringing their price down to $73.00. However, I first threw down my price match, bringing my price down to $73 already, and THEN, after the rebate, I will have paid 33 big ones for my mouse. That's a total of $70 saved off the original staples price, and $100 off the regular price. Am. A. Genius. Which mouse is it? It's the Logitech MX Revolution, and it actually says, on the box, "World's Sexiest Mouse". It's so BA. It has so many cool functions,
like a hyper - fast, frictonless scroll wheel, and the ability to change songs if you move the scroll wheel to the left or right! AND there's buttons for "back" and "next" just like in your browser, except now you don't have to move your mouse all the way to the top left of your screen! AND theres ANOTHER scroll wheel at your thumb, which is a document flipper, just like hitting "ALT - TAB". I KNOW!!! AND, AND... it's Uber sexy. You can tell by the length of this post that I love this mouse, and that you should buy one. Now. Thanks, Adrian!

Getting my mouse.

Monday, August 27, 2007

6:02 AM

6:02 AM is the time I got home today. I'm still not tired. Let's go for a trip through time at my day, shall we? Wake up, groggy, wait for folks to get back home. Progress on to Adrian's house, where we proceed to hook up his awesome speaker system to his laptop, and then that whole set up to his GIANT 52 - billion inch TV. Love. Play counter-strike until I have to leave for:

Auditions for Raised By Monkeys' upcoming blockbuster, Whispers. Jason Pelley was leading the casting, with Paul and Mark there, as Director and Director of Photography, respectively. We started off the day by playing some improv games, ... lots of improv games, actually, and Sean was OWNING at conversations. I personally didn't think I had anything really good to offer today, but everyone had fun. I really enjoyed myself. The auditions went smoothly, and after reading for some other characters, I headed over to The Treehouse (aka. The Romein's House), to play some Star Wars D&D. Woot! I know I'm superbad, why thank you very mucho. Chris, Jay and I did kind of a pre-game character prologue, and I must say... I had an awesome time, and I will use the force in some way, Jay. Be warned. After ordering some crap... er... dominos pizza, I left to go back to Adrians'. There, we played some Supreme Commander and Mideval 2: Total War, and Watched The Borne Identity, followed by The Borne Supremacy. GREAT movies, especially on such a screen. Oh Mamo. We had a great time talking, and laughing about replacing Matt Damon with a friend of ours, and it was just overall, a great night. By the time I left, it was well after 5:30, and the sun was coming up. Now, I have my second wind and am going to pester my dad until he goes to work.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Flying Friut

Oh how I love Pasta Polo. Today, Adrian, Lyle, Kaitlyn, Mateo, Marcela and I all went for a pseudo welcome back Greg brunch. And it was at Pasta Polo. I had this amazing Chicken Mushroom Alfredo Heaven Sublime pasta (actual name) and I loved it! What's eerie is that Paul was just over at Pasta Polo the day before, for his Mom's work anniversary! Random fact, I know! We moseyed over to the mall after, where we got suffocated at the new H&M store, and played PS3 at Future Shop, subsequently getting schooled by this little 4-year old asian kid. I didn't take pictures because I didn't want to get arrested. Sat around, talked, and basically just got caught up. It was great to see everyone! I even saw a Ferrari and hung up on Kaitlyn!

I went in to work for my second time since I'm back, where we started throwing foodstuffs around, and this happened. And it was the most H-core thing that's ever happened to me in my life. Listen. Drew is standing around the corner, and I'm coming around it 'cause I got a particularly solid piece of tomato I want to chuck at him. Without prepping or aiming at all, Drew jumps out form behind the corner, spins around, throws the piece of pineapple, and successfully lodges it in my ear! I couldn't believe it! I HAD to shake his hand after that. I mean, without ANY aiming! DAMN! That was the highlight of my day. And the fact that I made an uber amount of tips. After work, I drove to get candy with Alex, like we always do, and I went straight to Eric Boyer's birthday party. I haven't seen him since last winter! I even saw Jenna Jorgenson and Thomas Roy! It was unreal to see them again after such a long time! We kicked it around and I went home.

Watching Eric display his electronic prowess by solar-powering his speaker system before my eyes. ...that and my air-hockey game with Thomas. Which I lost.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Unicycle Bear-escaping

So I know it's been a while since I've posted, but soon I'll go back in time and update you all on my world for the past couple of days.

Today, I started off by paying a cordial visit to my dentist. Woot. I hate the dentist, but I love my dentist. Funny combination! But he's Awesome! His name's Doctor Sak!.. or it's Doctor Sack... wow.. I've just realised what a funny name he has. Today. ANYways, he kindly informs me that I have like 5 bajillion cavities, and that he's going to rip all my teeth out. And that my wisdom tooth needs to be removed. Joy. I gotta start using toothpaste for sensitive teeth, because my teeth are sensitive. He asked me how many times a day I put things in my mouth, and I said "A lot". I also am not allowed to drink Juice anymore! I know! How frickin insane is that!? But... what he doesn't know, won't hurt him. *sly smile*

Headed over to the Romeins after, 'cause it was so close. Jay was up, so I played some BioShock... *drool* and then drove Jay to work in Paul's car. Paul wanted me to check his car out, because he's been talking constantly about this shake he's having, and I didn't know what the Eff he was talking about all this time. Now I know. It's as if he has a misfire, and I'm not particularly sure, but I'm pretty sure it's a faulty distributor. And in addition to that, his front axle is damaged. Fun times, I think.

Played Bioshock for a long time after that, Then I decided, since it was such a beautfiul day, I'd go and learn to ride a unicycle! So I did. I can now ride like 20 feet. (Paul says 15, but he's a dirty liar) ... okay, so it's probably more like 15 feet. But I was learning in flip-flops, and I broke them. We saw Sean Hagen as he was working for some electrical company, and he stopped by to talk for a while, it was sure coolio to see him again. Paul and I ate some meatballs that were really tasty. I then drove home so I could get my bike, 'cause I wanted to get shoes so I could continue my unicycle training. We timed it, and I got 18km/h, over 21 minutes. And I really gunned it! Next time, I gotta improve on it. We played risk with Britt, Christina (who I had met both at time), Sean, Ryan, and Me and Paul. I rode home after I was the first one knocked out.. and... apparently, I brushed pretty close to a really cool experience! Namely, getting mauled by a bear! Check out how close I cut it! It's here on Paul's Blog. Now, I sleep. SO tired from all the unicycling and stuff.

The ride home from the Romeins. I was uber tired, the sky was beautiful, and I got to ride my bike.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Christine's Chauffeur, Greg.

I woke up to Christine playing Guitar Hero 2 in Paul's Rec Room, even though we had to leave in like 20 seconds. I was nominated by myself to drive Christine to Mission so she could get her tests done. She's got some weird disease where she can't say the words exam or peculiar correctly. We're trying to get her fixed.... not like that, though. 'Cause that would just suck. We stopped for Breakfast at Subway, and found out that she had to be back to finish her tests after 2 days even though she was leaving for hunting the next day! (eep!) Oh well. We continue on back home, where we find AMAZING gas prices! For the first time in like 6.439 months, I've had more liters in my tank than dollars spent! We're driving home, when Aaron, Christine's friend calls. Christine and I were gonna just hang out and chill, veg out, but we couldn't resist Aarons' giddyness upon hearing that Christine was in the same city as he was, so we went to meet him on commercial. We had Gelato, which I managed to spill on my shirt and give myself pig nipples. Thanks, Christine! After a walk in Jeans that I shouldn't have worn that day beacause it was too hot... Christine left. Then it was Improv. Which was unreal.

There was this creepy guy, and Christine, Aaron and I could SWEAR he was stealing two children off the playground. But we were all too lazy to do something about it. Plus, I don't think the children would've gone so willingly with someone like that if they didn't know him. I hope.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Grass Fight!

I'm posting about this later, after it happened.. so I'm not gonna lie... I can't remember everything. I think it was a tuesday... Yes, it was. Christine and I went for sushi! At the unbelievable Sushi Turn House in Port moody... *drools* But I didn't have any sushi. We waltzed around the mall, poking fun at people and buying Christine a camera, thanks to Jason! We came back to my place and watched 300, because Christine hadn't experienced it's greatness. I turned up the volume really loud. *grins wickedly* We then sat on the grass. For a long time, actually. I really enjoyed my time with Christine, because we wanted a day to chill before she left. (It's okay, you're far away now. The only one they can hurt now for that deceit is me! :D ) I like soup. But the only problem is, We didn't go to Esquires!!! ... alright, cut it out, whoever said that.
Christine and I pissed ourselves scared by a cougar that was far away. I've never seen her that scared in my life! We then progressed to Paul's house to... party.

Sitting with Christine on our Future Shop couch.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Guitar hero for the one-armed

What a day! The second day back, and I'm not tired at all! I met with Paul to talk movies, and film, and toilets. I gave the Romeins their souveniers, and just enjoyed being back. Brian and I discovered that in 10 minutes, Superbad was going to be playing at Silver City, so Brian and I jetted off and only missed like a minute of the film! I think I MIGHT'VE picked up some Polish driving habits. Might've. Brian used his free passes to get us in without paying, and I really enjoyed the movie! I thought it was hillarious! I came back to the Romeins, where Paul and I lazed around, doing God knows what, and he updated me on the film now titled, "Whispers". We decided we were so hungry we were going to eat the walls of Paul's house, so we went off to Plateau Pizza to get our favourite pizza, the Chicken Special! Get it. It will save your life. We talked stop - motion, and discussed what our next project is going to be after the success of our Lego Millenium Falcon Stop motion. Paul and I played some Guitar hero, in which he decided to try and play Free Bird on easy ... with one hand! The crazy thing is... it worked! Check out the picture! He strums with his elbow! Go Paul, Go! I left the Romeins, and met up with Dan. We lounged around Future Shop, stealing their oxygen, and sitting on their extremely comfortable couch. We migrated over to Red Robins, where we spent a couple hours just talking about life, acting and other things. We felt bad that we were taking up the waiter's table, so we ordered drinks. He was so bored, and since we were one of the two tables in his section that were used, he just kept refilling our drinks... over and over and over again. It was real great to see Dan, and we had a blast! As always. Bo yeah.

Not recognizing Kevin or Ryan, but recognizing Ryan's girlfriend, Tanya, as they walked into the Red Robin's before us.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Now Available in Canada

I'm Back! Wow, what a trip! Quite amazing being back in Poland after 15 years. I had no clue we knew so many people in Poland! And that I have so much family. Poland really is a beautiful country, with beautiful food and beautiful women. I would defenitely love to go back, except this time, take my friends and show them what an amazing country it is!

We arrived at YVR on time, except, our luggage didn't seem to. ... hmm. We waited at the carousel as the people dwindled away, with the rest of the people who had transferred from Poland, and of course we thought our baggage was lost. However, it was just accidentally put on the wrong carousel! I expected only Paul and Christine to be there, because only they had expressed interest, but I was really surprised to see Chris and Ray there, also! We packed all our luggage into Paul's Subaru, as to save my folks space in the cab, and headed off. We actually barely beat my parents there! We pulled up beside them at lougheed hwy!

First, we went to the sushi turn house, where the BEST sushi is made, and I was too tired to take pictures there. However, Chris had his first taste of sushi EVER there! And I was there to witness it! Anyways, we all bought way too much sushi than we could eat, so we packed them up to go. Christine rode with me to pick up my car, and gas it up. It was SO good to drive Sheila again! It felt like she missed me. And the funny thing is, she smelt like she did the first time I ever drove her! We went to Paul's house after dropping Ray off, and there we played some guitar hero 2, which I'm terrible at, but everyone's been playing while I was gone, so I have to catch up! I can't be left in the dust like that! I played Risk with Chris, Paul, Christine, Jessy and... me! It was SO unbelievably great to see everyone again! I was sooo happy! Although, after a couple hours of risk, I stopped caring, and just let them kill me. I was so tired after being awake for 29 hours, I went to bed.

Chris breaking my sunglasses. ... I knew it was gonna happen. At least he managed not to spill anything.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Homecoming Tour

Well well well...

So the time has come to return to this land where Canadians (and many other nationalities. many) fill the streets, where hockey is on the TV instead of sailing and rally racing, where they drink pop instead of fresh friut jiuce/soup/milk/thing, where the people drive very responsibly instead of like formula 1 drivers, where you don't pay for bathrooms, where the voltage is 160 instead of 200, where I lose the game, and, most importantly, where my friends are.

I hadn't posted in so long because I was not anywhere remotely near a computer, and, frankly, because I was busy! I was busy:

-taking family portraits in our reflection
-working on a farm, driving a tractor

-giving my sister a briuse
-eating food off a MEAT TREE
-having a bubble - blowing competition with Polish gum
-visiting old churches
-un-clogging a toaster with a fork
-visiting a Polish castle (and taking spy photos)

-visiting a salt mine
-Taking silly pictures of silly people
-laughing at the logic Poles use for road signs
-being in a cave

-eating so many perogies that I got sick

-hiking in Polish mountains
-chilling with my dad
-sitting on a harley
-taking cool pictures
-living up the Polish nightlife

-saying goodbye to family

-walking the streets of old towns
BMW Sauber Formula 1 team Pit Lane Park!

And soon... I return *Dum Dum DUMMMM! *