Monday, August 20, 2007

Guitar hero for the one-armed

What a day! The second day back, and I'm not tired at all! I met with Paul to talk movies, and film, and toilets. I gave the Romeins their souveniers, and just enjoyed being back. Brian and I discovered that in 10 minutes, Superbad was going to be playing at Silver City, so Brian and I jetted off and only missed like a minute of the film! I think I MIGHT'VE picked up some Polish driving habits. Might've. Brian used his free passes to get us in without paying, and I really enjoyed the movie! I thought it was hillarious! I came back to the Romeins, where Paul and I lazed around, doing God knows what, and he updated me on the film now titled, "Whispers". We decided we were so hungry we were going to eat the walls of Paul's house, so we went off to Plateau Pizza to get our favourite pizza, the Chicken Special! Get it. It will save your life. We talked stop - motion, and discussed what our next project is going to be after the success of our Lego Millenium Falcon Stop motion. Paul and I played some Guitar hero, in which he decided to try and play Free Bird on easy ... with one hand! The crazy thing is... it worked! Check out the picture! He strums with his elbow! Go Paul, Go! I left the Romeins, and met up with Dan. We lounged around Future Shop, stealing their oxygen, and sitting on their extremely comfortable couch. We migrated over to Red Robins, where we spent a couple hours just talking about life, acting and other things. We felt bad that we were taking up the waiter's table, so we ordered drinks. He was so bored, and since we were one of the two tables in his section that were used, he just kept refilling our drinks... over and over and over again. It was real great to see Dan, and we had a blast! As always. Bo yeah.

Not recognizing Kevin or Ryan, but recognizing Ryan's girlfriend, Tanya, as they walked into the Red Robin's before us.