Sunday, August 19, 2007

Now Available in Canada

I'm Back! Wow, what a trip! Quite amazing being back in Poland after 15 years. I had no clue we knew so many people in Poland! And that I have so much family. Poland really is a beautiful country, with beautiful food and beautiful women. I would defenitely love to go back, except this time, take my friends and show them what an amazing country it is!

We arrived at YVR on time, except, our luggage didn't seem to. ... hmm. We waited at the carousel as the people dwindled away, with the rest of the people who had transferred from Poland, and of course we thought our baggage was lost. However, it was just accidentally put on the wrong carousel! I expected only Paul and Christine to be there, because only they had expressed interest, but I was really surprised to see Chris and Ray there, also! We packed all our luggage into Paul's Subaru, as to save my folks space in the cab, and headed off. We actually barely beat my parents there! We pulled up beside them at lougheed hwy!

First, we went to the sushi turn house, where the BEST sushi is made, and I was too tired to take pictures there. However, Chris had his first taste of sushi EVER there! And I was there to witness it! Anyways, we all bought way too much sushi than we could eat, so we packed them up to go. Christine rode with me to pick up my car, and gas it up. It was SO good to drive Sheila again! It felt like she missed me. And the funny thing is, she smelt like she did the first time I ever drove her! We went to Paul's house after dropping Ray off, and there we played some guitar hero 2, which I'm terrible at, but everyone's been playing while I was gone, so I have to catch up! I can't be left in the dust like that! I played Risk with Chris, Paul, Christine, Jessy and... me! It was SO unbelievably great to see everyone again! I was sooo happy! Although, after a couple hours of risk, I stopped caring, and just let them kill me. I was so tired after being awake for 29 hours, I went to bed.

Chris breaking my sunglasses. ... I knew it was gonna happen. At least he managed not to spill anything.