Tuesday, August 28, 2007

100 Dollars Smarter Than Staples

So, I am officially smarter than staples. I rule.

...Okay, so Adrian is the one smarter than staples, and I'm just using his strategy. I just bought the worlds' sexiest mouse, and saved $100. How do I do this, you ask? Here's how. Adrian showed me this website where they've got insane deals. It's called Red flag deals. Yesterday, I followed the directions. I shopped around for the mouse I wanted, and grabbed a flyer from Future shop. They've got it for $69.99, as usually it's $130.00. BUT I went instead to Staples, because I know that they do price-matching. The Coquitlam staples didn't have any in stock, so I went all teh way to the maple ridge staples. There, I met my friends Jazmine and Laura, who I hadn't seen in forever! (just a little side note) They didn't have any either! BUT Jazmine helped me order one in from another store. NOW... Staples had it going for $103.00, still a savings of 27 bucks. In ADDITON to their savings, they also have a rebate for $40.00, bringing their price down to $73.00. However, I first threw down my price match, bringing my price down to $73 already, and THEN, after the rebate, I will have paid 33 big ones for my mouse. That's a total of $70 saved off the original staples price, and $100 off the regular price. Am. A. Genius. Which mouse is it? It's the Logitech MX Revolution, and it actually says, on the box, "World's Sexiest Mouse". It's so BA. It has so many cool functions,
like a hyper - fast, frictonless scroll wheel, and the ability to change songs if you move the scroll wheel to the left or right! AND there's buttons for "back" and "next" just like in your browser, except now you don't have to move your mouse all the way to the top left of your screen! AND theres ANOTHER scroll wheel at your thumb, which is a document flipper, just like hitting "ALT - TAB". I KNOW!!! AND, AND... it's Uber sexy. You can tell by the length of this post that I love this mouse, and that you should buy one. Now. Thanks, Adrian!

Getting my mouse.