Friday, December 28, 2007

The most awesomest Stop Motion ever. Almost.

Sit. Watch. Love. Slow jerk.

Thanks Kyle.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Julie, Christine, Me, Fun.

Brian and Julie wake me up at 10! hoorah! I get a Ferrari Teacup set! Hoorah! We have breakfast provided by my mom! Hoorah! Trolls don't attack my house! Hoorah!

Brian's Subaru got a flat tire today. Major problems with getting the wheel off. Luckily the guy that parked beside us had a mallet AND lube. Who'da thunk it? It's like we're lucky almost. We went to the mall, hung out there for a bit, met up with Nobauer and got some grub. I played tag in future shop with Julie, and Brian got me a Ferrari Belt buckle for Christmas! He really didn't have to, but it looks real slick, so maybe he DID! We went over to the treehouse, where Julie and I watched Transformers. IN HD! everyone joined up in the end, everyone except Brian and Vanessa.
We headed down to Dewy's, and I felt great remorse for not being able to go with Nate to Janet's Federico's thing... I was told way too late. Leaving facebook apparently has some temporary reprecussions. We watched the hockey game... or rather... the first two periods were on in the background as we talked over some beer and nachos. I had an awesome burger that gave birth to ketchup. Adrienn showed up halfway through, so we all had a grand time. Back at the Romeins, she scared me to the max by jumping out of Paul's TV box. Second time today they've done that to me!

Mrs. Romein got some AWESOME pears that taste absolutely delicious! There was like 8 of them in this huge box because they were packed uber carefully.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I gots me some stuff on Boxing day

3 am- wake up

3:20- stop hitting the snooze button

3:23- Paul showes up. I make sandwiches, we get outta there.

3:30- We arrive at Future shop, where we're located -with nate- about 100 meters down the line. not too shabby. I learn that they've been there since 1am. Wow.

4:00- Nate and Paul retire to a romantic nap in the subaru. I finish my hot chocolate, and Brian shows up. Apparently he'd been working for 2 hours.

4:14- I have hillarious conversations with our new friends who are sharing their chairs with us, Jeff and his friend.. uh... not Jeff?

5:00- Beat the first world boss on super mario advance. Damn that was hard!

5:16 ish - Mad panic time as people start getting up, moving towards the doors, and I warn Nate and Paul to get ready. They weren't ready because they opened the doors a minute later. There were people lined up all the way to the bay! We rush in, they let us loose in waves! I gimbled with my broken toe as fast as I could after Paul and Brian, as Nate held back with me. Paul grabbed two Toshiba HD DVD players JUST in time. There was ONE left right after he picked mine and his up, and that was snatched up as we watched. SO insane in future shop! As it should've been. The DVD player we got was marked down 300 big ones! we paid $100!! AND it comes with 300 and bourne identity in th box, and you can mail in for 5 more hd dvd's! Thank you Paul for letting me know about this!

I also got myself a bluetooth headset, which I'm pretty sure I'm gonna keep. It'll help me with Pizza deliveries and I can use it with my PS3. I got Transformers on HD, which I just had to have, and I got Zelda for my DS for 20 buckaroos, as well as... actually.. that was it. We headed over to my house after Paul HAD to check out Best buy, where we got all comfy and sleepy. My mom made us the most memorable breakfast I've ever had, and Paul is beginning to understand why I chose my house for my favorite place to eat. SUCH good food this morning. Scrambled and eggs, sandwiches with 2 choices of cheese, Polish sausages, and orange slices, topped off by juice. I love my mom. Then we started watching a part of transformers, as Paul left Nate and Brian here at my house. The're still asleep. At 9 oclock, after the best boxing day ever, I clocked out.

I was talking with much enthusiasm about the new Star Wars game.. and my phone rang. My ringtone is Star Wars.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, everyone!! We celebrate chrstmas yesterday, because we're cool and Polish... AT THE SAME TIME! I'm giving you guys pictures, some of yesterday, some of the whole season. Enjoy!

We are currently just basking in the awesomeness relaxing that is the Christmas season, me with my broken toe, and my family with our brand spanking new 42 inch Toshiba! I love it. We love it, it's all good. We've watched disc 2 of Planet Earth about 6 times already. Rogers isn't getting that back. I'm eating a lot, and walking very little. It's great to spend so much time with the family, though. My mom is making AMAZING food as usual. Yesterday we had beet soup with special perogies, salmon and rice, accompanied by my mom's awesome seasonal salad. Come to my house one day. We're opening a restaurant.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

my NOT last day at work.

I brokeded my toe. Sad. Paul had a party and I ran, and I mean RAN into that little stone fireplace outcropping that everyone knows which I'm talking about. Absolutely smashed it into the stone. Sheena patched it up for me pretty good, and I went to the hospital at around noon, after helping my dad carry our old TV up the stairs. Our new TV, the toshiba something or other, is super awesome! Heh.. if you look at the picture, you can see the one guy in the white sliding and trying to grab the green guy's crotch. Eeeew... that's how you know baseball is a stupid sport. ANYgay, I got it x-rayed, and the whole time i felt stupid, because I felt like i was wasting way too much time, resources and time on such a stupid little thing like a toe! But it did turn out to be broken, and I put my Jesus sandal back on, and went to work. Where I found out I didn't have to work. Hm. Oh well! Adrienn came over, and we watched some movies on the TV and relaxed with the family. goodtimes.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Gridlock in a beautiful world

CHRISTINE IS BACK! :D For a while, anyways. I can't control my happiness! I spent the day picking her up and hugging her torso. After changing my oil and being late, that is. I'm always late. I was sitting in gridlock on the way to her house, and I realised how everyone around had something to do. Everyone seemed unaware of eachother, that noone else was on the planet, or that everyone else was a lesser person. I kind of panicked, thinking how we, as people, go through life being shut off and afraid of other people. Sure, we can't be friends with everyone, but it hurts to think of how we are all humans, and can't all respect eachother and live in a perfect world. DAMMIT, why can't we be perfect!? "If everybody looked the same..." that song has a good message.
I keep realising that, even though my life may not be perfect, it sure is perfect for me. I'm so happy with my life, the trials and tribulations in it. I need to be reminded that life is like a slurpee. The good times gotta be cherished, or you'll be disappointed in the end. All ranting aside, I'm happy with my life. Although I may not become famous or a meaningful person in the world, I know that I have people who are extremely meaningful in my life.

So, onto the day. I had a hotdog. Then I went to pick Christine up. It's so good to have her home! ARG! :D We stayed at my house for dinner where we had some awesome soup/cheese. We watched some HILLARIOUS Jeff Dundam,
and proceeded THAT with some Gelato from Esq... from a place that Christine and I love to visit.
We moseyed on to Improv at Gallagher's, a place I haven't been in months, I am ashamed to admit. It was better than I remember it. We also had some beer at the pub, which I can't remember the name of, but we sure had it, I promise! Scout's honor! After improv, was the much anticipated I am Legend, a movie I had high hopes for. Hopes that were satisfied again and again. Will Smith will adopt me and teach me how to act. That's just the way it's gonna be. The only other movies that have impacted me this much are Patch Adams, Star wars (yes, actually), and the Land before time (I was young, okay!). But this one was different. My heart sank to the floor from fear, suspense, and sadness so many times that I had to get a harpoon to keep it in it's place. It was more spontaneous than Michael Jackson if he had ADD. "Today I wanna be white. No, spam." An amazing movie. If you haven't watched it, then shame on you. Shame. Off to the Romeins, and soon, sleep. UMOTD:
Bob Marley

Monday, December 17, 2007

Making Sheila Beautiful again

I love my '97 Suzuki Swift, Sheila. I really do. So today I went out to get her fixed up and prettied up a bit. When I got her, she had a rust spot on the rear panel, where the windshield wiper had shaken around, caused cracks, water had gotten in, and it got cracked out like a mofo. So I went to Unique fender Mender and got her fixed! Rob, the owner, is super cool, and he got me a great deal. I paid, for an hour and a half's work, $67!! The welder is really bright *dazed, dumbfounded look*. This is what she looked like at the before, and a few pictures during the process.
So now, as soon as we find the bold that goes on the end of the nut, we're in business, and I can have a rear windshield wiper again! YESS. vision.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Wow. Dudes, look at youtube now.

Hokay, so I know I haven't posted in forever and a half, but that's 'cause I'm busy taking up all the time I have of freedom right now to hang out with my friends, and be COMPLETELY lazy as much as I can. ANYWAYS, Nikolai and I are sitting here playing wow, at 4 in the morning, NOT tired at all, and we discovered that youtube just took steroids. But without the ball shrinkage, Youtube is now improved. Just watch a video in full screen, and you'll notice the button beside the play/pause button will change!! HOLY CRAP, EH!? so click it, and don't be scared. It feels good, don't worry. Videos that relate to your current one pop up in little bubble form! What's scary, is that Nikolai and I were watching videos about an hour ago, and the option didn't exist! that means we're Pioneers of youtube awesomeness! We just crapped ourselves! it HERTZ! I'm sure PAUL doesn't even know about this!!! MUAHAHA! so seriously, go check it out. Now. Here's a video, just for kicks.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

wow this is dusty.

I'm busy, kay? I'm gaming!