Friday, December 14, 2007

Wow. Dudes, look at youtube now.

Hokay, so I know I haven't posted in forever and a half, but that's 'cause I'm busy taking up all the time I have of freedom right now to hang out with my friends, and be COMPLETELY lazy as much as I can. ANYWAYS, Nikolai and I are sitting here playing wow, at 4 in the morning, NOT tired at all, and we discovered that youtube just took steroids. But without the ball shrinkage, Youtube is now improved. Just watch a video in full screen, and you'll notice the button beside the play/pause button will change!! HOLY CRAP, EH!? so click it, and don't be scared. It feels good, don't worry. Videos that relate to your current one pop up in little bubble form! What's scary, is that Nikolai and I were watching videos about an hour ago, and the option didn't exist! that means we're Pioneers of youtube awesomeness! We just crapped ourselves! it HERTZ! I'm sure PAUL doesn't even know about this!!! MUAHAHA! so seriously, go check it out. Now. Here's a video, just for kicks.