Saturday, December 22, 2007

my NOT last day at work.

I brokeded my toe. Sad. Paul had a party and I ran, and I mean RAN into that little stone fireplace outcropping that everyone knows which I'm talking about. Absolutely smashed it into the stone. Sheena patched it up for me pretty good, and I went to the hospital at around noon, after helping my dad carry our old TV up the stairs. Our new TV, the toshiba something or other, is super awesome! Heh.. if you look at the picture, you can see the one guy in the white sliding and trying to grab the green guy's crotch. Eeeew... that's how you know baseball is a stupid sport. ANYgay, I got it x-rayed, and the whole time i felt stupid, because I felt like i was wasting way too much time, resources and time on such a stupid little thing like a toe! But it did turn out to be broken, and I put my Jesus sandal back on, and went to work. Where I found out I didn't have to work. Hm. Oh well! Adrienn came over, and we watched some movies on the TV and relaxed with the family. goodtimes.