Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Hard-to-pronounce words

So since I last posted, I've continued to be in Poland. I been in towns called Tczew, Malbork Jastrzebia Gora (I'm missing a few accents there, and it doesn't sound anything like that), Gdansk, Koronowo, and a bunch of others. I'm starting to miss everyone back home, but am still enjoying myself out here. I realise that it's a trip I'm only going to be on once in my life, and I have to appreciate it for all that it is. And I'm having an AWESOME time! Want to see Pictrues? NO! I won't give you pictures of:

Judy and I chilling by the "Wisła" river
Pulled a prank on my sister (note the water on her shirt) *snicker*
Been to a Beach.
Passed a Horse - carriage by on the street (yup, that's Poland)
Me losing the game
The Polish translation of "Warning: Dog!"

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Awesome Uncles, Being Full, and Air Rifles

Considering I'm going to be out of range of a computer very soon for a few days, I thought It'd be a good time to post. Since I last archived words in the great abyss that is the information super highway, I've done such things as (but not limited to):
- visit the second largest bascilica in the world
- Shoot an air rifle
- discover that my mother is an extremely good shot with an air rifle
- be scared of my mother
- visit my very boisterous, bumbly awesome uncle
- ate more than I ever have in my life
- Check out a giant coal mine with my cousins
- Visit an old Polish village complete with windmill and interesting smells
- Get caught in a freak thunderstorm
- Sang "If I were a rich man" in a Jewish man's house as per request
- Visit my aunt who used to give me peaches when I was three, and gave her peaches
- Eat a sandwich
Now, we're heading for the coast, so I'll be out of contact for a while. My ipod charger died viciously, and I'm sad.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A hello from a Hot Pole.. *snicker*

For real, though. I'm hot. I'm so hot. I'm so hot that I'm makin' everyone sweat. I make elephants sweat. I'm so damn frickin hot that even the weather's hot. The sun came out just to see how hot I can be. Real hot.

So I finally sat down at a computer long enough to post pictures, as you might be able to see. Only funny-looking people can see the pictures, so I'm sorry if you're attractive, 'cause you won't see the pictures. *snicker*.. I just called you funny-looking! BAHhahahahha!
I really miss everyone back home! Even though I'm having an amazing time here in Poland, eating until I fall asleep, lying in the sun, eating more, being Polish.. it's fun. Weve visited my Grandma's friut- garden. There's a tiny little hut there, and when I stepped in it (after hitting my head on the ceiling), I could actually remember it! like, "I felt really familiar with it" too (thanks, Paul). But I felt a link to the place even though the last time I was there was when I was 3. But for serious, the weather is phenomenal, like the 40 degrees kind of phenomenal. We spent the whole day at my Grandma's "cottage" and i chilled for a while with some Polish girls that were next door. Although they were kind of quiet, so it didn't help my rusty Polish at al. Although, when I went to get my hair cut today, the hairdresser, who was a very kind Polish lady, said my Polish is very good! I'm working on it, and am not allowed to speak a word of english, or they will cut off my toes. Anyways, I'm out. Don't know when I'll be back!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Strawberries. Oh the strwaberries.

Oh. My. God.

I just had the best strawberries I've ever had in my LIFE! And they came right out of my Grandma's garden! I'm so happy to be here at my grandma's house. I feel so familiar with it. We walked around Bydgoszc, in about 37 degrees of sweat. I love it. It's like we brought Vancouver's weather here with us!

I have to say one thing. The girls in Poland are some of the most beautiful I've ever seen in my life.

Thursday, July 12, 2007


Poland is ours! We've arrived in Poland just now. My dad's old friend, Jacek, picked us up from the airport, at about 1:00PM. I only slept a little bit, and the flight was amazing. Poland is so different! I am starting to remember everything from when I was a kid! I love it! I'm keeping a log of each day, and will update that after I get home, but I'll blog and post pictures when I can.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


hi....as you can tell (or rather not tell) I am not Greg. (handicapped, i think so....something tells me there are gonna be a lot of bracket6yfr in this post_g <-- Greg_JN ). He is sitting beside halfo/ 'drugged with juice. As you can see it is penetrating his posterior lobe. (cough) jun not june greg, its july. as you can probably tell letting two ppl write one blog is like watching a picnic bench and a waste basket go at it. nj iri not pleasant for both parties...and no real purpose.j muv\ Bakk in August Ciao!

Sunday, July 08, 2007

A sleepy transformer

Wake up. 3 hours of sleep.

Get up. Can't sleep for odd reason.

Walk out in frustration at inability to sleep.

Get call from little sister Judy.

She wants to go see transformers.

It's approximately 11:00 by now. Sleepy.

Wake up, collect things, go home.

Wash Sheila.

Sheila smells beautiful.

Go see Transformers with Judy. 2nd time.

Go home. Get check from work. Say goodbye to everyone at Plateau Pizza.

Eat dinner. Get a call from Daniel Borzillo.

Go to Red Robins with him to keep him company.

End up talking for a few hours about life, love and acting.

End up having a wicked time with him.

Go to see Transformers. Again.

Play an awesome game of Time Crisis 4 with Sean Hagen.

Almost fall asleep during the film. Have an awesome time with Sean Hagen, Paul Romein, Nate Blackmore, Brian Romein, Chris Fader, and Jason Romein.

Go home. Sleep.

Seeing Dominic Bernardo at the theatre.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

White Chocolate Raspberry Gelato of a Day.

It didn't take us long to get accustomed to civilization again. We started off the day by all meeting at Sui Sha Ya Sushi.. Sha Shui Ya Sushi? Shi Shi Sushi?... at Sushi where we all-you-can-ate. Nate was feeling down about spraying soy sauce all over his shirt, so he wanted to buy some clothes, which turned into me helping him pick something out for 89 hours as he bought a full new outfit. I didn't mind because I hadn't seen him forever, and I was glad to spend some time with him. We ended up at Best Buy for a long time, just looking at stuff and fooling around, playing all their video games until our thumbs were sore as Nate worked out stuff with his car. A crack had developed in his windshield as his alarm and stuff were installed, and he was really cheesed about it. I don't blame him, I would be too. Christine and I sat on the home theatre couch, where we had once watched all of the movie Superman. We ended up getting fed up with spending such a beautiful day inside, so we snuck off with Brian to Esquires (... wait... I think someone said it again!) for some orgasmic White-Chocolate Raspberry Gelato. AND since their freezer doesn't work effectively, they put everything in a cup as well as the cone, so we ended up getting way more! I will never get tired of that gelato. We dropped my car off at Best buy, and headed off to Nate's house. from there, we went to play mini golf at eagle quest! I just thought it would be a great way to spend Christines (probably) last-day-free-from-work-before-I-go-to-Poland, and use the beautiful day outside. It was wicked! Christine found and lost a ball, Paul kicked our butts, and I enjoyed the pretty fountain. Nate pulled a wicked drift through a corner, and we truly had an uber time mini-golfing. We headed off to Silvercity where we watched Robin Williams' new movie, License to wed. I don't know how the movie was, because I was busy just loving Robin in his role. I love that man. After that, It was Paul's house, and the rest was history. Until 5:30 AM.

We made a joke that each stroke I did at this one hole, my hooker got another STD. Yes, it's a family show, people!

Friday, July 06, 2007

We're Back!

Well, Christine, Nate, Paul and I returned from our awesome 3-day hike yesterday. We were planning to be gone for 4 days, but we just rock too damn much! We had bugs, craps in the woods, blisters, snow sleds, and tracking. We had an amazing time, with some amazing views on that trip! I acquired a love for oatmeal, and everyone acquired a love for Power Bars. We reached an elevation of 2272 meters above sea level, and weren't even able to radio home! The most wildlife we saw on the trip was a toad, and Paul's hair. We were all very tired by the end of the trip, but we had some amazing moments. Thanks all for an amazing trip!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Onward to Manning Park!

We've awoken, after 5 hours of sleep, to a slightly cloudy morning. Some of us still need to pack *cough*nate*cough* Poor bugger's only had like 3 minutes of sleep since he's come home on Sunday. We're to stop by a Canadian Tire the minute it opens to aquire a second tent, and then we're off for Manning Park! Hopefully breakfast is in there somewhere, because I just might eat Paul if there isn't. I can't wait to go on this trip with these folks! Christine, Nate and Paul went with Colin a year ago, and I was supposed to go, if it wasn't for work. Now, with Darek letting me get a million days off for vacation-ing, I can partake in this uber trip!
4 Days.
4 people.
1 Park.
Batteries not included.

Hopefully I'm up to these guys' mettle.

Monday, July 02, 2007

DS Blogging...officially

Sweet! It works! l`m sitting at the Romeins right now, blogging! THIS time, I've checked if there' s a "publish post" button... smart, eh? It's a bit slow, but using internet on my DS... FRICKIN AWESOME! I'm now going to utilise paul's wireless to have fun... inmypants PS. Nate's here!!