Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A hello from a Hot Pole.. *snicker*

For real, though. I'm hot. I'm so hot. I'm so hot that I'm makin' everyone sweat. I make elephants sweat. I'm so damn frickin hot that even the weather's hot. The sun came out just to see how hot I can be. Real hot.

So I finally sat down at a computer long enough to post pictures, as you might be able to see. Only funny-looking people can see the pictures, so I'm sorry if you're attractive, 'cause you won't see the pictures. *snicker*.. I just called you funny-looking! BAHhahahahha!
I really miss everyone back home! Even though I'm having an amazing time here in Poland, eating until I fall asleep, lying in the sun, eating more, being Polish.. it's fun. Weve visited my Grandma's friut- garden. There's a tiny little hut there, and when I stepped in it (after hitting my head on the ceiling), I could actually remember it! like, "I felt really familiar with it" too (thanks, Paul). But I felt a link to the place even though the last time I was there was when I was 3. But for serious, the weather is phenomenal, like the 40 degrees kind of phenomenal. We spent the whole day at my Grandma's "cottage" and i chilled for a while with some Polish girls that were next door. Although they were kind of quiet, so it didn't help my rusty Polish at al. Although, when I went to get my hair cut today, the hairdresser, who was a very kind Polish lady, said my Polish is very good! I'm working on it, and am not allowed to speak a word of english, or they will cut off my toes. Anyways, I'm out. Don't know when I'll be back!