Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Hard-to-pronounce words

So since I last posted, I've continued to be in Poland. I been in towns called Tczew, Malbork Jastrzebia Gora (I'm missing a few accents there, and it doesn't sound anything like that), Gdansk, Koronowo, and a bunch of others. I'm starting to miss everyone back home, but am still enjoying myself out here. I realise that it's a trip I'm only going to be on once in my life, and I have to appreciate it for all that it is. And I'm having an AWESOME time! Want to see Pictrues? NO! I won't give you pictures of:

Judy and I chilling by the "Wisła" river
Pulled a prank on my sister (note the water on her shirt) *snicker*
Been to a Beach.
Passed a Horse - carriage by on the street (yup, that's Poland)
Me losing the game
The Polish translation of "Warning: Dog!"