Saturday, July 07, 2007

White Chocolate Raspberry Gelato of a Day.

It didn't take us long to get accustomed to civilization again. We started off the day by all meeting at Sui Sha Ya Sushi.. Sha Shui Ya Sushi? Shi Shi Sushi?... at Sushi where we all-you-can-ate. Nate was feeling down about spraying soy sauce all over his shirt, so he wanted to buy some clothes, which turned into me helping him pick something out for 89 hours as he bought a full new outfit. I didn't mind because I hadn't seen him forever, and I was glad to spend some time with him. We ended up at Best Buy for a long time, just looking at stuff and fooling around, playing all their video games until our thumbs were sore as Nate worked out stuff with his car. A crack had developed in his windshield as his alarm and stuff were installed, and he was really cheesed about it. I don't blame him, I would be too. Christine and I sat on the home theatre couch, where we had once watched all of the movie Superman. We ended up getting fed up with spending such a beautiful day inside, so we snuck off with Brian to Esquires (... wait... I think someone said it again!) for some orgasmic White-Chocolate Raspberry Gelato. AND since their freezer doesn't work effectively, they put everything in a cup as well as the cone, so we ended up getting way more! I will never get tired of that gelato. We dropped my car off at Best buy, and headed off to Nate's house. from there, we went to play mini golf at eagle quest! I just thought it would be a great way to spend Christines (probably) last-day-free-from-work-before-I-go-to-Poland, and use the beautiful day outside. It was wicked! Christine found and lost a ball, Paul kicked our butts, and I enjoyed the pretty fountain. Nate pulled a wicked drift through a corner, and we truly had an uber time mini-golfing. We headed off to Silvercity where we watched Robin Williams' new movie, License to wed. I don't know how the movie was, because I was busy just loving Robin in his role. I love that man. After that, It was Paul's house, and the rest was history. Until 5:30 AM.

We made a joke that each stroke I did at this one hole, my hooker got another STD. Yes, it's a family show, people!