Sunday, July 08, 2007

A sleepy transformer

Wake up. 3 hours of sleep.

Get up. Can't sleep for odd reason.

Walk out in frustration at inability to sleep.

Get call from little sister Judy.

She wants to go see transformers.

It's approximately 11:00 by now. Sleepy.

Wake up, collect things, go home.

Wash Sheila.

Sheila smells beautiful.

Go see Transformers with Judy. 2nd time.

Go home. Get check from work. Say goodbye to everyone at Plateau Pizza.

Eat dinner. Get a call from Daniel Borzillo.

Go to Red Robins with him to keep him company.

End up talking for a few hours about life, love and acting.

End up having a wicked time with him.

Go to see Transformers. Again.

Play an awesome game of Time Crisis 4 with Sean Hagen.

Almost fall asleep during the film. Have an awesome time with Sean Hagen, Paul Romein, Nate Blackmore, Brian Romein, Chris Fader, and Jason Romein.

Go home. Sleep.

Seeing Dominic Bernardo at the theatre.