Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Onward to Manning Park!

We've awoken, after 5 hours of sleep, to a slightly cloudy morning. Some of us still need to pack *cough*nate*cough* Poor bugger's only had like 3 minutes of sleep since he's come home on Sunday. We're to stop by a Canadian Tire the minute it opens to aquire a second tent, and then we're off for Manning Park! Hopefully breakfast is in there somewhere, because I just might eat Paul if there isn't. I can't wait to go on this trip with these folks! Christine, Nate and Paul went with Colin a year ago, and I was supposed to go, if it wasn't for work. Now, with Darek letting me get a million days off for vacation-ing, I can partake in this uber trip!
4 Days.
4 people.
1 Park.
Batteries not included.

Hopefully I'm up to these guys' mettle.