Saturday, November 17, 2007


I love Assassin's Creed. It's a game that's so good... it pwns. Everything. I love it so much I invited my good gaming friends to come and bask in the love that is this awesome game. So after I finished work last night, I invited Adrian, Sean, and Brian to come over and game a bunch. Adrienn even came to game! And did we ever game. Sean brought his Xbox 360 and Mass Effect... which is glory in itself... and we brought my tv downstairs as to have both systems going at the same time. It was a chore being quiet enough not to wake my family, but in the end, we managed to do it. They apparently didn't even hear us! We played until about 6:00 this morning, and the guys are still sleeping. I just woke up and am currently converting music and videos onto my cell phone... it's a chore. I can't figure some stuff out, and it's just difficult. I will succeed, though!

Eating in my kitchen with Adrienn before the guys showed up.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Lazy Maximus

Woke up uber early today. Christine had class. So Paul and I joined her for school time. Ha HA... tuition. For Breakfast we had pizza. Christine's Zoology class was kinda interesting, I didn't know your body did so much. I thought you just had your heart beat and that's it. (Zoology is the study of the human anatomy *snicker*) I doodled. Then we were off to her Bio Chemistry lecture. That was interesting. I learned how a Mass Spectrometer works... I don't know what it DOES.. but maybe I'll learn here. I doodled some more. Then it was off for Christine to study. A lot. She basically just read over her notes, and we watched a lot of family guy and had the lunch that Paul boasted about. It was real good, and made better by the fact that we finished off the Empire Strikes Back. I'm SO happy that Christine likes Star Wars! We lazed around a lot, I feel like I'm max vegging out, and now Paul and I are chilling at a coffee shop while Christine writes a BioChem exam that is worth 40% of her mark. Fun. Good luck Christine!

Going on a wild goose chase with Paul to find bus maps. We failed. But we found a bookstore. And Root Beer.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

This is cool

There has never been a remembrance day like this. It is full of awesomeness, like Paul getting into a fight with a tree, Being at a cenotaph ceremony with the ARMY (still can't believe that), driving down to Calgary, bar hopping, climbing all over a train, and chasing rabbits. Let's begin.

We woke up quite early to join Nate at a remembrance day ceremony at the local cenotaph, which was really epic. There was so many soldiers there. There was this old dude... er... "elderly" dude who had a unexpectedly commanding voice. Julie, Paul, Nate, Phil and I got into Nate's car, and drove to Calgary.

We dropped Julie off at home, and got to Christine's Dorm of awesomeness and uber greatness at around 7:30, and then the fun began.
It was SO good to see Christine again after such a long time, and in all, the night will go down in time as one that I love. It just made me feel so content to be alive. I'm usually really happy with my life, and this night just emphasized that. I love these people, and I'm really glad to know them. I feel so fortunate to call them my friends.

Sitting on the couch with Christine and listening to music.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

I managed not to break anything today

Double Berry Jam is REAL good on crumpets. We had some before we left for the science world in the afternoon. We showed up with Nate just on time, and everything worked as smooth as a good cream of mushroom soup. The set up went well, and Paul and I had everything going on time. The kids loved us, along with mostly everyone except for this one guy that was pissed off at us for being so good. We wandered around science world for some time, made some lego robots, and hung around with Julie and Sammi. We brought Julie back with us to Nate's place, and then, after some relaxation and gunfighting, went to West Edmonton Mall!! I was so stoked, 'cause it was my first time there! We had bubble tea,and threw coins at the pirate ship. This guy there had CRAZY colored hair, but he looked like he was on drugs. We all went to the SPAG and had a really good night. A great day, in conclusion. Greg out.

Phil, Nate's friend, and I had a gunfight which made a bunch of guys in the hall open up their doors all at the same time. We got spooked back into Nate's room.

Friday, November 09, 2007

"The shield generator is down! Commence attack!"

We woke up at 1:04pm today. I figure that's our "sleep bank". We're gonna now take from that for the next week. In which we will go crazy. Like today. I mean it's 2:26 am and I'm blogging. Mostly because I'm talking to Nate right now about how you read magna from right to left. So today we went to the Edmonton Science world, because I refuse to call it by it's "real" name I got to drive Nate's car. We met up with Alby, the lady who Paul was corresponding with about our trip. She's really cool, and a bit of a geek too, so it helps. We both felt like celebrities when we were there, because everyone knew us. There was even a picture of us up in lobby! They had something that was way cooler than anything I could've imagined. They had a giant LEGO Star Wars exhibit, where a group called the Northern Alberta Lego Users Group had, I'm sure for Paul' and my amusement only, set up scenes from star wars, recreated totally from lego! Christine, Adrienn: These won't have much significance for you, but we'll take care of those when we watch star wars. Besides... they're cool! It's lego, c'mon! Aaaaand... I managed to break one of the models. HOWEVER, with my absolute pwnage lego skills (and using the force), I was able to put the custom built satellite back together perfectly. AND I figured that It's a good thing I did so. I actually helped the rebels destroy the death star, because I knocked out the shield generator! So it was a good thing! I can't believe it, though. They invite us over here, FLY us out,even, let me go behind the fence to take pictures, and I thank them by breaking down their exhibit. Great. Anyways.. then we went into the giant thunderdome theatre where we watched Return of the Jedi!!!! On a giganticus screen! That was after eating an awesome meal at the swiss Chalet, of course. I love being with Nate again!

Trying a seguay out.If they weren't a giant target for a beating, I'd get one. But you never heard me say that.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Edmonton, here we are!

So it's the morning. It's almost 7 o'clock. Brian drove Paul and myself to the airport so we could leave to Edmonton, where we're requested to make an appearance and talk about our Millenium Falcon stop motion video at the Edmonton Telus world of science! We got there in due time, with some naps in between. The flight was good, with some pac-man-ing and view-viewing. We got picked up at the Airport by Paul's cousin and my good friend, JULIE! We tackled eachother at the airport and drove over to her house. A while after playing some need for speed, we took a field trip around Edmonton. We went to the local conservatory, which was located inside the pyramids at Giza! Even more amazing, Julie thought Giza was in France, and Paul thought it was in Italy! It was nice and toasty warm in there! Like a toaster! Ha HA... Food. We then were shocked and amazed by the wonder that is the Edmonton ski hills!... *crickets* Um... I say hills literally. It's basically a mound of dirt that everyone in the city loves to board on. For some reason. That I don't get. ANYways, we came back where Paul napped on Julie's AMAZINGLY comfortable bed, and her and I played tetris. Where she schooled me. It was great to get to hang with her after 11 months of just talking online. I'm eating M&M's. Dinner was amazing, with me sampling yorkshire puddings for the first time. During dinner... NATE Came by! After so long, it was like no time had passed... except he is really buff now. I'm scared. We headed over to their bowling alley, where Paul taught us how to bowl. Again. Over at Nate's "DORM" or shacks, we called it an early night 'cause Nate wants some tactical sleep.