Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Lazy Maximus

Woke up uber early today. Christine had class. So Paul and I joined her for school time. Ha HA... tuition. For Breakfast we had pizza. Christine's Zoology class was kinda interesting, I didn't know your body did so much. I thought you just had your heart beat and that's it. (Zoology is the study of the human anatomy *snicker*) I doodled. Then we were off to her Bio Chemistry lecture. That was interesting. I learned how a Mass Spectrometer works... I don't know what it DOES.. but maybe I'll learn here. I doodled some more. Then it was off for Christine to study. A lot. She basically just read over her notes, and we watched a lot of family guy and had the lunch that Paul boasted about. It was real good, and made better by the fact that we finished off the Empire Strikes Back. I'm SO happy that Christine likes Star Wars! We lazed around a lot, I feel like I'm max vegging out, and now Paul and I are chilling at a coffee shop while Christine writes a BioChem exam that is worth 40% of her mark. Fun. Good luck Christine!

Going on a wild goose chase with Paul to find bus maps. We failed. But we found a bookstore. And Root Beer.