Thursday, November 08, 2007

Edmonton, here we are!

So it's the morning. It's almost 7 o'clock. Brian drove Paul and myself to the airport so we could leave to Edmonton, where we're requested to make an appearance and talk about our Millenium Falcon stop motion video at the Edmonton Telus world of science! We got there in due time, with some naps in between. The flight was good, with some pac-man-ing and view-viewing. We got picked up at the Airport by Paul's cousin and my good friend, JULIE! We tackled eachother at the airport and drove over to her house. A while after playing some need for speed, we took a field trip around Edmonton. We went to the local conservatory, which was located inside the pyramids at Giza! Even more amazing, Julie thought Giza was in France, and Paul thought it was in Italy! It was nice and toasty warm in there! Like a toaster! Ha HA... Food. We then were shocked and amazed by the wonder that is the Edmonton ski hills!... *crickets* Um... I say hills literally. It's basically a mound of dirt that everyone in the city loves to board on. For some reason. That I don't get. ANYways, we came back where Paul napped on Julie's AMAZINGLY comfortable bed, and her and I played tetris. Where she schooled me. It was great to get to hang with her after 11 months of just talking online. I'm eating M&M's. Dinner was amazing, with me sampling yorkshire puddings for the first time. During dinner... NATE Came by! After so long, it was like no time had passed... except he is really buff now. I'm scared. We headed over to their bowling alley, where Paul taught us how to bowl. Again. Over at Nate's "DORM" or shacks, we called it an early night 'cause Nate wants some tactical sleep.