Saturday, November 10, 2007

I managed not to break anything today

Double Berry Jam is REAL good on crumpets. We had some before we left for the science world in the afternoon. We showed up with Nate just on time, and everything worked as smooth as a good cream of mushroom soup. The set up went well, and Paul and I had everything going on time. The kids loved us, along with mostly everyone except for this one guy that was pissed off at us for being so good. We wandered around science world for some time, made some lego robots, and hung around with Julie and Sammi. We brought Julie back with us to Nate's place, and then, after some relaxation and gunfighting, went to West Edmonton Mall!! I was so stoked, 'cause it was my first time there! We had bubble tea,and threw coins at the pirate ship. This guy there had CRAZY colored hair, but he looked like he was on drugs. We all went to the SPAG and had a really good night. A great day, in conclusion. Greg out.

Phil, Nate's friend, and I had a gunfight which made a bunch of guys in the hall open up their doors all at the same time. We got spooked back into Nate's room.