Friday, November 09, 2007

"The shield generator is down! Commence attack!"

We woke up at 1:04pm today. I figure that's our "sleep bank". We're gonna now take from that for the next week. In which we will go crazy. Like today. I mean it's 2:26 am and I'm blogging. Mostly because I'm talking to Nate right now about how you read magna from right to left. So today we went to the Edmonton Science world, because I refuse to call it by it's "real" name I got to drive Nate's car. We met up with Alby, the lady who Paul was corresponding with about our trip. She's really cool, and a bit of a geek too, so it helps. We both felt like celebrities when we were there, because everyone knew us. There was even a picture of us up in lobby! They had something that was way cooler than anything I could've imagined. They had a giant LEGO Star Wars exhibit, where a group called the Northern Alberta Lego Users Group had, I'm sure for Paul' and my amusement only, set up scenes from star wars, recreated totally from lego! Christine, Adrienn: These won't have much significance for you, but we'll take care of those when we watch star wars. Besides... they're cool! It's lego, c'mon! Aaaaand... I managed to break one of the models. HOWEVER, with my absolute pwnage lego skills (and using the force), I was able to put the custom built satellite back together perfectly. AND I figured that It's a good thing I did so. I actually helped the rebels destroy the death star, because I knocked out the shield generator! So it was a good thing! I can't believe it, though. They invite us over here, FLY us out,even, let me go behind the fence to take pictures, and I thank them by breaking down their exhibit. Great. Anyways.. then we went into the giant thunderdome theatre where we watched Return of the Jedi!!!! On a giganticus screen! That was after eating an awesome meal at the swiss Chalet, of course. I love being with Nate again!

Trying a seguay out.If they weren't a giant target for a beating, I'd get one. But you never heard me say that.