Sunday, November 11, 2007

This is cool

There has never been a remembrance day like this. It is full of awesomeness, like Paul getting into a fight with a tree, Being at a cenotaph ceremony with the ARMY (still can't believe that), driving down to Calgary, bar hopping, climbing all over a train, and chasing rabbits. Let's begin.

We woke up quite early to join Nate at a remembrance day ceremony at the local cenotaph, which was really epic. There was so many soldiers there. There was this old dude... er... "elderly" dude who had a unexpectedly commanding voice. Julie, Paul, Nate, Phil and I got into Nate's car, and drove to Calgary.

We dropped Julie off at home, and got to Christine's Dorm of awesomeness and uber greatness at around 7:30, and then the fun began.
It was SO good to see Christine again after such a long time, and in all, the night will go down in time as one that I love. It just made me feel so content to be alive. I'm usually really happy with my life, and this night just emphasized that. I love these people, and I'm really glad to know them. I feel so fortunate to call them my friends.

Sitting on the couch with Christine and listening to music.