Sunday, July 22, 2007

Awesome Uncles, Being Full, and Air Rifles

Considering I'm going to be out of range of a computer very soon for a few days, I thought It'd be a good time to post. Since I last archived words in the great abyss that is the information super highway, I've done such things as (but not limited to):
- visit the second largest bascilica in the world
- Shoot an air rifle
- discover that my mother is an extremely good shot with an air rifle
- be scared of my mother
- visit my very boisterous, bumbly awesome uncle
- ate more than I ever have in my life
- Check out a giant coal mine with my cousins
- Visit an old Polish village complete with windmill and interesting smells
- Get caught in a freak thunderstorm
- Sang "If I were a rich man" in a Jewish man's house as per request
- Visit my aunt who used to give me peaches when I was three, and gave her peaches
- Eat a sandwich
Now, we're heading for the coast, so I'll be out of contact for a while. My ipod charger died viciously, and I'm sad.