Thursday, December 20, 2007

Gridlock in a beautiful world

CHRISTINE IS BACK! :D For a while, anyways. I can't control my happiness! I spent the day picking her up and hugging her torso. After changing my oil and being late, that is. I'm always late. I was sitting in gridlock on the way to her house, and I realised how everyone around had something to do. Everyone seemed unaware of eachother, that noone else was on the planet, or that everyone else was a lesser person. I kind of panicked, thinking how we, as people, go through life being shut off and afraid of other people. Sure, we can't be friends with everyone, but it hurts to think of how we are all humans, and can't all respect eachother and live in a perfect world. DAMMIT, why can't we be perfect!? "If everybody looked the same..." that song has a good message.
I keep realising that, even though my life may not be perfect, it sure is perfect for me. I'm so happy with my life, the trials and tribulations in it. I need to be reminded that life is like a slurpee. The good times gotta be cherished, or you'll be disappointed in the end. All ranting aside, I'm happy with my life. Although I may not become famous or a meaningful person in the world, I know that I have people who are extremely meaningful in my life.

So, onto the day. I had a hotdog. Then I went to pick Christine up. It's so good to have her home! ARG! :D We stayed at my house for dinner where we had some awesome soup/cheese. We watched some HILLARIOUS Jeff Dundam,
and proceeded THAT with some Gelato from Esq... from a place that Christine and I love to visit.
We moseyed on to Improv at Gallagher's, a place I haven't been in months, I am ashamed to admit. It was better than I remember it. We also had some beer at the pub, which I can't remember the name of, but we sure had it, I promise! Scout's honor! After improv, was the much anticipated I am Legend, a movie I had high hopes for. Hopes that were satisfied again and again. Will Smith will adopt me and teach me how to act. That's just the way it's gonna be. The only other movies that have impacted me this much are Patch Adams, Star wars (yes, actually), and the Land before time (I was young, okay!). But this one was different. My heart sank to the floor from fear, suspense, and sadness so many times that I had to get a harpoon to keep it in it's place. It was more spontaneous than Michael Jackson if he had ADD. "Today I wanna be white. No, spam." An amazing movie. If you haven't watched it, then shame on you. Shame. Off to the Romeins, and soon, sleep. UMOTD:
Bob Marley