Thursday, December 27, 2007

Julie, Christine, Me, Fun.

Brian and Julie wake me up at 10! hoorah! I get a Ferrari Teacup set! Hoorah! We have breakfast provided by my mom! Hoorah! Trolls don't attack my house! Hoorah!

Brian's Subaru got a flat tire today. Major problems with getting the wheel off. Luckily the guy that parked beside us had a mallet AND lube. Who'da thunk it? It's like we're lucky almost. We went to the mall, hung out there for a bit, met up with Nobauer and got some grub. I played tag in future shop with Julie, and Brian got me a Ferrari Belt buckle for Christmas! He really didn't have to, but it looks real slick, so maybe he DID! We went over to the treehouse, where Julie and I watched Transformers. IN HD! everyone joined up in the end, everyone except Brian and Vanessa.
We headed down to Dewy's, and I felt great remorse for not being able to go with Nate to Janet's Federico's thing... I was told way too late. Leaving facebook apparently has some temporary reprecussions. We watched the hockey game... or rather... the first two periods were on in the background as we talked over some beer and nachos. I had an awesome burger that gave birth to ketchup. Adrienn showed up halfway through, so we all had a grand time. Back at the Romeins, she scared me to the max by jumping out of Paul's TV box. Second time today they've done that to me!

Mrs. Romein got some AWESOME pears that taste absolutely delicious! There was like 8 of them in this huge box because they were packed uber carefully.