Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I gots me some stuff on Boxing day

3 am- wake up

3:20- stop hitting the snooze button

3:23- Paul showes up. I make sandwiches, we get outta there.

3:30- We arrive at Future shop, where we're located -with nate- about 100 meters down the line. not too shabby. I learn that they've been there since 1am. Wow.

4:00- Nate and Paul retire to a romantic nap in the subaru. I finish my hot chocolate, and Brian shows up. Apparently he'd been working for 2 hours.

4:14- I have hillarious conversations with our new friends who are sharing their chairs with us, Jeff and his friend.. uh... not Jeff?

5:00- Beat the first world boss on super mario advance. Damn that was hard!

5:16 ish - Mad panic time as people start getting up, moving towards the doors, and I warn Nate and Paul to get ready. They weren't ready because they opened the doors a minute later. There were people lined up all the way to the bay! We rush in, they let us loose in waves! I gimbled with my broken toe as fast as I could after Paul and Brian, as Nate held back with me. Paul grabbed two Toshiba HD DVD players JUST in time. There was ONE left right after he picked mine and his up, and that was snatched up as we watched. SO insane in future shop! As it should've been. The DVD player we got was marked down 300 big ones! we paid $100!! AND it comes with 300 and bourne identity in th box, and you can mail in for 5 more hd dvd's! Thank you Paul for letting me know about this!

I also got myself a bluetooth headset, which I'm pretty sure I'm gonna keep. It'll help me with Pizza deliveries and I can use it with my PS3. I got Transformers on HD, which I just had to have, and I got Zelda for my DS for 20 buckaroos, as well as... actually.. that was it. We headed over to my house after Paul HAD to check out Best buy, where we got all comfy and sleepy. My mom made us the most memorable breakfast I've ever had, and Paul is beginning to understand why I chose my house for my favorite place to eat. SUCH good food this morning. Scrambled and eggs, sandwiches with 2 choices of cheese, Polish sausages, and orange slices, topped off by juice. I love my mom. Then we started watching a part of transformers, as Paul left Nate and Brian here at my house. The're still asleep. At 9 oclock, after the best boxing day ever, I clocked out.

I was talking with much enthusiasm about the new Star Wars game.. and my phone rang. My ringtone is Star Wars.