Monday, December 17, 2007

Making Sheila Beautiful again

I love my '97 Suzuki Swift, Sheila. I really do. So today I went out to get her fixed up and prettied up a bit. When I got her, she had a rust spot on the rear panel, where the windshield wiper had shaken around, caused cracks, water had gotten in, and it got cracked out like a mofo. So I went to Unique fender Mender and got her fixed! Rob, the owner, is super cool, and he got me a great deal. I paid, for an hour and a half's work, $67!! The welder is really bright *dazed, dumbfounded look*. This is what she looked like at the before, and a few pictures during the process.
So now, as soon as we find the bold that goes on the end of the nut, we're in business, and I can have a rear windshield wiper again! YESS. vision.