Saturday, August 25, 2007

Flying Friut

Oh how I love Pasta Polo. Today, Adrian, Lyle, Kaitlyn, Mateo, Marcela and I all went for a pseudo welcome back Greg brunch. And it was at Pasta Polo. I had this amazing Chicken Mushroom Alfredo Heaven Sublime pasta (actual name) and I loved it! What's eerie is that Paul was just over at Pasta Polo the day before, for his Mom's work anniversary! Random fact, I know! We moseyed over to the mall after, where we got suffocated at the new H&M store, and played PS3 at Future Shop, subsequently getting schooled by this little 4-year old asian kid. I didn't take pictures because I didn't want to get arrested. Sat around, talked, and basically just got caught up. It was great to see everyone! I even saw a Ferrari and hung up on Kaitlyn!

I went in to work for my second time since I'm back, where we started throwing foodstuffs around, and this happened. And it was the most H-core thing that's ever happened to me in my life. Listen. Drew is standing around the corner, and I'm coming around it 'cause I got a particularly solid piece of tomato I want to chuck at him. Without prepping or aiming at all, Drew jumps out form behind the corner, spins around, throws the piece of pineapple, and successfully lodges it in my ear! I couldn't believe it! I HAD to shake his hand after that. I mean, without ANY aiming! DAMN! That was the highlight of my day. And the fact that I made an uber amount of tips. After work, I drove to get candy with Alex, like we always do, and I went straight to Eric Boyer's birthday party. I haven't seen him since last winter! I even saw Jenna Jorgenson and Thomas Roy! It was unreal to see them again after such a long time! We kicked it around and I went home.

Watching Eric display his electronic prowess by solar-powering his speaker system before my eyes. ...that and my air-hockey game with Thomas. Which I lost.