Friday, August 24, 2007

Unicycle Bear-escaping

So I know it's been a while since I've posted, but soon I'll go back in time and update you all on my world for the past couple of days.

Today, I started off by paying a cordial visit to my dentist. Woot. I hate the dentist, but I love my dentist. Funny combination! But he's Awesome! His name's Doctor Sak!.. or it's Doctor Sack... wow.. I've just realised what a funny name he has. Today. ANYways, he kindly informs me that I have like 5 bajillion cavities, and that he's going to rip all my teeth out. And that my wisdom tooth needs to be removed. Joy. I gotta start using toothpaste for sensitive teeth, because my teeth are sensitive. He asked me how many times a day I put things in my mouth, and I said "A lot". I also am not allowed to drink Juice anymore! I know! How frickin insane is that!? But... what he doesn't know, won't hurt him. *sly smile*

Headed over to the Romeins after, 'cause it was so close. Jay was up, so I played some BioShock... *drool* and then drove Jay to work in Paul's car. Paul wanted me to check his car out, because he's been talking constantly about this shake he's having, and I didn't know what the Eff he was talking about all this time. Now I know. It's as if he has a misfire, and I'm not particularly sure, but I'm pretty sure it's a faulty distributor. And in addition to that, his front axle is damaged. Fun times, I think.

Played Bioshock for a long time after that, Then I decided, since it was such a beautfiul day, I'd go and learn to ride a unicycle! So I did. I can now ride like 20 feet. (Paul says 15, but he's a dirty liar) ... okay, so it's probably more like 15 feet. But I was learning in flip-flops, and I broke them. We saw Sean Hagen as he was working for some electrical company, and he stopped by to talk for a while, it was sure coolio to see him again. Paul and I ate some meatballs that were really tasty. I then drove home so I could get my bike, 'cause I wanted to get shoes so I could continue my unicycle training. We timed it, and I got 18km/h, over 21 minutes. And I really gunned it! Next time, I gotta improve on it. We played risk with Britt, Christina (who I had met both at time), Sean, Ryan, and Me and Paul. I rode home after I was the first one knocked out.. and... apparently, I brushed pretty close to a really cool experience! Namely, getting mauled by a bear! Check out how close I cut it! It's here on Paul's Blog. Now, I sleep. SO tired from all the unicycling and stuff.

The ride home from the Romeins. I was uber tired, the sky was beautiful, and I got to ride my bike.