Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Grass Fight!

I'm posting about this later, after it happened.. so I'm not gonna lie... I can't remember everything. I think it was a tuesday... Yes, it was. Christine and I went for sushi! At the unbelievable Sushi Turn House in Port moody... *drools* But I didn't have any sushi. We waltzed around the mall, poking fun at people and buying Christine a camera, thanks to Jason! We came back to my place and watched 300, because Christine hadn't experienced it's greatness. I turned up the volume really loud. *grins wickedly* We then sat on the grass. For a long time, actually. I really enjoyed my time with Christine, because we wanted a day to chill before she left. (It's okay, you're far away now. The only one they can hurt now for that deceit is me! :D ) I like soup. But the only problem is, We didn't go to Esquires!!! ... alright, cut it out, whoever said that.
Christine and I pissed ourselves scared by a cougar that was far away. I've never seen her that scared in my life! We then progressed to Paul's house to... party.

Sitting with Christine on our Future Shop couch.