Thursday, August 30, 2007

More Adrian!

My past two days have gone like this: Not doing much, and then going over to Adrian's house. Again. I had to pick up John's XBOX and the cables from Chris, because Chris had accidentally taken John's power cables. Adrian and I started off the night with some Supreme commander, which lags EXTREMELY on absolutely any computer. Then, we started a hardcore Halo 2 co-op, on Heroic. We got all the way to the level where you play as arbiter, trying to get into the library to get the icon. Fascinating news, I know. Then, we were distracted by a little game called Lost Planet which Adrian... um.. legally downloaded for his computer. That game started off really plain, but it's cool level rose exponentially when the explosions started flying! Awesome game, in the end. We played games (all hooked up to his giant TV) until 8:30 AM. I slept for 3 hours, and then got called in to work, where Jurek wanted me to take his shift. I was planning on just chilling and vegging all day, but since he got into some special course, and had to go, I went in to work for him.

However, I still made it for Table 23 Customer appreciation day, just like I was planning! It was awesome, and the cafe was packed all the way to the street! All the guys were there, and they did skits reenacting people's lives' in the audience. They picked Ange, Conor, Paul, Betty, and a guy named Jessy, Oh and me! They think I run Plateau Pizza by myself because I can do everything, so
Graham was me delivering pizza to Scarlett Johansson, played by a gorgeous Russ a la wig. Then, Jeff was Ange at EB, with a geeky customer (me, played by Graham again) asking to make out with her. The best one was the one about Paul, or rather, The Romeins. Hi-larious. Jonothan was Paul, directing everyone around the movie set. Russ was Jason, wanting more responsibility and freedom. Best of all, Jeff was Brian. Jeff played Brian off to a T. Always eager and enthusiastic about any job you give him.
"I want to be grip!" "You are grip" "Sweet!"
All in all, it was a hillarious night, with plenty of laughs and stickers had by all.

Paul, Jessy, Ange, Britt and I moseyed over to The Treehouse where we played a VERY quick game of settlers, which was lucky, because I was falling asleep. Then, Paul and I decided to changed things up by chilling at MY house! *GASP* We marvelled at my new mouse, Paul did the first revision of the script for Whispers, and I played Half - Life 2. I made Paul a sandwich.
Beating the boss-lady with Adrian. It was a victorious moment.