Monday, August 27, 2007

6:02 AM

6:02 AM is the time I got home today. I'm still not tired. Let's go for a trip through time at my day, shall we? Wake up, groggy, wait for folks to get back home. Progress on to Adrian's house, where we proceed to hook up his awesome speaker system to his laptop, and then that whole set up to his GIANT 52 - billion inch TV. Love. Play counter-strike until I have to leave for:

Auditions for Raised By Monkeys' upcoming blockbuster, Whispers. Jason Pelley was leading the casting, with Paul and Mark there, as Director and Director of Photography, respectively. We started off the day by playing some improv games, ... lots of improv games, actually, and Sean was OWNING at conversations. I personally didn't think I had anything really good to offer today, but everyone had fun. I really enjoyed myself. The auditions went smoothly, and after reading for some other characters, I headed over to The Treehouse (aka. The Romein's House), to play some Star Wars D&D. Woot! I know I'm superbad, why thank you very mucho. Chris, Jay and I did kind of a pre-game character prologue, and I must say... I had an awesome time, and I will use the force in some way, Jay. Be warned. After ordering some crap... er... dominos pizza, I left to go back to Adrians'. There, we played some Supreme Commander and Mideval 2: Total War, and Watched The Borne Identity, followed by The Borne Supremacy. GREAT movies, especially on such a screen. Oh Mamo. We had a great time talking, and laughing about replacing Matt Damon with a friend of ours, and it was just overall, a great night. By the time I left, it was well after 5:30, and the sun was coming up. Now, I have my second wind and am going to pester my dad until he goes to work.