Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Christine's Chauffeur, Greg.

I woke up to Christine playing Guitar Hero 2 in Paul's Rec Room, even though we had to leave in like 20 seconds. I was nominated by myself to drive Christine to Mission so she could get her tests done. She's got some weird disease where she can't say the words exam or peculiar correctly. We're trying to get her fixed.... not like that, though. 'Cause that would just suck. We stopped for Breakfast at Subway, and found out that she had to be back to finish her tests after 2 days even though she was leaving for hunting the next day! (eep!) Oh well. We continue on back home, where we find AMAZING gas prices! For the first time in like 6.439 months, I've had more liters in my tank than dollars spent! We're driving home, when Aaron, Christine's friend calls. Christine and I were gonna just hang out and chill, veg out, but we couldn't resist Aarons' giddyness upon hearing that Christine was in the same city as he was, so we went to meet him on commercial. We had Gelato, which I managed to spill on my shirt and give myself pig nipples. Thanks, Christine! After a walk in Jeans that I shouldn't have worn that day beacause it was too hot... Christine left. Then it was Improv. Which was unreal.

There was this creepy guy, and Christine, Aaron and I could SWEAR he was stealing two children off the playground. But we were all too lazy to do something about it. Plus, I don't think the children would've gone so willingly with someone like that if they didn't know him. I hope.