Saturday, September 01, 2007

Chicks dig scars

Whoa. Okay, so I didn't have my camera with me today, so It's all story for this post... until later. This was a crazy day. I go to work. Just like any other day. It's the day after Paul's BBQ, so i went home, showered and went right to work because my day got started so late. I arrive at work, and work for about an hour... Jurek and I are playing around with a.. um.. knife. Long story short, I get cut. So I'm bleeding pretty bad, the cut is real deep on my thumb, and we're all laughing at both Jurek and I. I go to the clinic across the block, and it's closed. So I drive to the one at the mall... full. I got reffered to the hospital by the secretary. I see this girl on my way there, and we kind of look at eachother, and keep walking, nothing special. So I hop by another clinic in Port moody, also closed, and eventually end up at the hospital. I'm in the line up for a minute or two, and i see out of the corner of my eye, the girl who was at the mall! I recognized the colors she was wearing. So of course I'm all like, "C'mon, Greg. Say something to her!" So I say, "Hey, didn't I see you at the mall!?" And it was indeed her. We start talking, it turns out the burn on her leg also needs to be looked at by the nurse, and so we sit in the waiting room for 4 and a half hours! We talk about everything and nothing, and she didn't even run away when I was the last one to be admitted in to get looked at! Her names' Lissa, and she's real easy to talk to. In the end, all my cut needed was some polysporin on a band aid, so the only reason I really went to the hospital was to meet Lissa! We then went to London Drugs to get her antibiotics, and later to Pasta Polo to eat, because we were both SO starving from sitting in that waiting room forever. UNreal.

After dinner, I stop by the pizza place to tell the guys, and run at Jurek and give him a huge hug. Who knew the ER could be so much fun!? So Paul, Nate, Britt, Amber and I play Risk, after which, Paul, Brian, Nate, Britt and I make a sign for Christine. I really wanted to say goodbye to her properly, but I settled for this instead. It was nuts, we had some infighting about ideas, then we finally collaborated after changing ideas like 89 times. We made a colorful sign saying "We Love Christine" and drove to Mission. There, Nate and Paul stealthily attach the sign... at 4 o'clock in the morning... to the inside of her gate so she'll defenitely see it when she leaves. We all felt very good after that, like we'd accomplished something big. We had. And now, Christine isn't around.. sad. Although it seems something always happens that makes me happy JUST before Christine leaves. Hmm.

Talking to this guy, Angelo, who had the hospital bed beside mine. He's 15 and he's playing for Metro soccer, and he didn't really have anyone to talk to. He was playing a semi-final game and this guy headbutted him and his braces got stuck to the inside of his mouth like a hook. So I decided to cheer him up. We talked about tons of stuff. In the end, I called him Leonidas because he was SO hardcore, having so many injuries from soccer. Reminded me of Christine.